Mepilex-Highly Permeable Foam Dressing

Mepilex is a type of foam dressing which creates a moist-environment that enables the wound to heal early. It has great retention capacity which helps in proper management of exudate wounds.

Mepilex-Highly Permeable Foam Dressing

Benefits of Mepilex
Some of the recognized benefits of Mepilex are as follows:

  • Has a retention power of maximum 7 days depending upon the wound condition
  • It has soft edges which helps in protecting the skin
  • Easily fits with the body
  • Contains a multi-layered foam which helps in balancing the optimal moisture
  • The package is versatile
  • Waterproof and bacteria-proof features help in protecting the patients
  • Ulcers can be prevented by using in the prophylactic region
  • Offers permeability with great fluid handling capacity
  • Helps in the reduction of traumatic conditions and eases the pain
  • Absorbs more wound fluids so that it helps in maximizing the protection as well as security

Where to Use Mepilex?

Mepilex can be used in the following places:

  • Used in painful as well as surgical wounds
  • The wounds which have conditions of moderate to heavy exudate
  • Used in chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers as well as pressure ulcers
  • Effective while dealing with both primary as well as secondary dressings. Primary dressings involve shallow wounds while secondary ones involve deeper wounds
  • Skin-tears are effectively dealt using this type of dressing
  • Helps in attaining a moisture enabled environment which helps in the healing process

Some of the precautions to be followed are enumerated below:

  • Using Mepilex with oxidising agents can prove disastrous
  • Do not worry if the size of the wound increases in the beginning
  • Direct sunlight should not be allowed to come in contact with the dressing
  • Healthcare professional should be contacted for proper treatment
  • The dressing should not be stretched
  • Store the dressing in dry conditions
  • Resterilizing should be avoided
  • Those who are sensitive towards silver, they should shun the usage of it
  • Should be completely avoided if you are undergoing any sort of radiation treatment

This is all about the Mepilex dressing and if your query regarding it still remains unanswered, you should not think twice while visiting the official website portal

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