All about Mepilex Dressing

Mepilex is a broad range of nine Polyurethane Foam dressings. It comprises Mepilex Border Dressings, Mepilex Lite Dressings, Mepilex Border Lite Dressings, Mepilex Border Flex Dressings, Mepilex Ag Dressings, Mepilex Ag Border Dressings, Mepilex Heel Dressings, Mepilex Transfer Dressings, and Mepilex XT Dressings.  Each Mepilex dressing features a soft silicone wound contact layer to ease your pain during dressing change. It is most suitable for joints and bendable areas.

mepilex dressings, mepilex XT dressings

Mepilex® is a Foam dressing used in treating wounds like venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, post-op wounds, and diabetic ulcers. Being  soft & confirmable, it becomes the perfect dressing to minimize the risk of maceration as well as wound infection. It makes a part of successful wound-care management for low to moderately exuding wounds.

Generally, the Mepilex® Dressing features a Safetac® interface layer and a backing film to ensure successful wound management. Safetac® technology greatly reduces pain and tissue damage in wound management. It uses highly conformable absorbent foam to handle the wound fluid easily and effectively. Mepilex decreases the damage of skin tissues while changing a dressing. This is why; it helps in removing the dressing with less pain.

Lesser the pain; faster the healing takes place!

The latest addition to the Mepilex® range of dressings is Mepilex® XT Dressings. Mepilex® XT is a soft conformable foam dressing with integrated channels designed to absorb more high and low viscosity fluid than other foam dressings. High viscosity exudate is difficult to manage and can be distressing for patients. Until recently, most foam dressings had not been able to manage this type of exudate.

How to apply?

  • Clean your wound and the surrounding skin.
  • Mepilex always features a divided plastic film which must be removed before application.
  • Mepilex should be applied in a way that it overlaps the wound margin by at least 2 cm.
  • Mepilex can be held in place with the help of a bandage or retention aid.
  • Mepilex doesn’t require any absorption pad or secondary dressing.

When to remove?

When a Mepilex® dressing should be changed over depends upon the degree of exudate. However, it can be left on a clean and lightly exuding wound for days after discussing with any renowned health-care practitioner.

You’ve read all you need to know about Mepilex Dressing and its different types available across the market.  Now is the time to look for the best deals on these dressings.

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