1. Understanding the Healing Power of K-Band: Your Go-To Bandage for Comprehensive Wound Care


    In the realm of wound care, the choice of bandage plays a crucial role in the healing process. Among the diverse range of options available, K-Band stands out as a versatile and effective solution for various wound management needs. In this blog, we'll delve into the features, benefits, and applications of K-Band, highlighting why it has become a preferred choice for healthcare professionals and individuals alike.

    Unveiling K-Band:

    The K-Band is a lightweight, knitted viscose and nylon bandage designed with the utmost precision to meet the demands of comprehensive wound care. Its unique composition makes it highly conformable,

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  2. UrgoKtwo Kit

    UrgoKtwo Kit

    The UrgoKtwo kitis a two-layer compression system that evenly distributes pressure between dynamic bandages. It features the PresSure system (pressure indicator) to provide the correct level of pressure all over the area. The first layer gives reliable compression with maximum comfort. Its second layer holds this system in place and prevents accidental slippage.

    Key Benefits of UrgoKtwo kit:

    • It facilitates good absorption of exudate from wounds.
    • Uniform pressure avoids the application of high pressure and protects bony prominences.
    • Uniformly distributed pressure enhances the healing rates of wounds.
    • The pressure is maintained for nearly seven days.

    How to Use the UrgoKtwo kit?

    Clean the wound and apply the dressing. Inspect the legs for pressure-sensitive areas. Apply the layers of the compression system following the appropriate pressure from the PresSure indicator.


    The UrgoKtwo kitcan be used in the following ways:

    • The therapeutic pressure facilitates the treatment of active and healed venous leg ulcers and other symptoms associated with it.
    • It is also indicated for venous oedema and lymphoedema as these ulcers require uniform compression.


    • Do not use it over arterial ulcers or known arterial conditions.
    • Do not use it on patients allergic to any of its components.
    • It should not be used on patients suffering from diabetic microangiopathy, septic thrombosis, and ischaemic phlebitis.

    Size available

    • 18-25 cm (10 cm)
    • 25-32 cm (10 cm)
    • 18-25 cm (10 cm) Latex Free
    • 25-32 cm (10 cm) Latex Free

    The information in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. You should always

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  3. Types of Bandages Supplies for All Kinds of Injuries and Wounds at Wound-Care

    If you want to heal a nasty cut, any bruise, scrapes, smaller wound or more, then bandages always comes to rescue. With most of these bandage products being waterproof, they help to prevent the contamination caused by food or other fluids.
    Bandages act like a secondary dressing securing the primary one in its place. Wound-Care brings different types of bandages available that includes compression, non-compression, tubular, gauze, woven, and many more that you can avail, depending upon the need, in different sizes. You can also seek some highly conformable bandages making it much easier to heal the wound even on those hard to dress body parts. Given below are some commonly used bandages.

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  4. Clinifast Tubular Bandages-Effective Bandage for Dressing Retention

    What Is Clinifast Tubular Bandage?

    Composed of light breathable latex free fabric, Clinifast Tubular Bandage is a kind of dressing retention and wet or dry wrapping. It has one-way stretch which is used to hold such wound parts which are difficult to reach.

    Clinifast Tubular Bandages

    Benefits of Clinifast Tubular Bandages

    The recognised benefits of this bandage are as follows:

    • It is economical
    • Can be easily and quickly applied
    • Free from latex
    • It is breathable as well as light-weight
    • Efficient hand
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  5. Tubifast Tubular Bandage With 2 Way Stretch Technology For Dressing Retention & Skin Protection

    What is Tubifast?

    Tubifast is a lightweight elasticated tubular bandage with radial and longitudinal stretch which is ideal for dressing retention and skin covering for any part of the body. It is available in various width and length sizes. It holds the dressings securely without any need of pins and tapes. It can be easily used with minimal risks of fraying. This is available in variety of lengths which makes it competent enough to be used with any type of wound

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  6. Clinifast Tubular Bandages, Uses & Benefits

    What is Clinifast Tubular Bandage?

    Clinifast tubular bandage is a widely-used bandage by leading hospitals and clinicians worldwide. It is an elasticated viscose stockinette primarily used for dressing retention and wet/dry wound wrapping. It is made of 92% viscose, 5% elastane, and 3% polyamide and is 100% latex-free for comfort of use. It is a cost-effective dressing as its reusable and washable. The Clinifast tubular bandage complies with Drug Tariff Specification 46 and comes in five color-coded sizes, each one for intended use.

    What are the Benefits of Clinifast Tubular Bandage?

    Clinifast tubular bandage benefits the patient in more than one way. It is cost-effective as it can be re-washed and re-used for a number of times. It is made of light, breathable and soft fabric that provides ultimate comfort

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  7. Treat Lymphovenous Disease with Actico Cohesive Bandage

    Patients who have long suffered from venous leg ulcers can finally find relief with Actico Cohesive Bandage. As these are highly cohesive, the bandages stay in place for at least 7 days.These short-stretch bandages provide appropriate padding layer which works as a compression system. Wound Care gives you the option of exploring an extensive range of Bandages for your wounds.

    Actico Cohesive Bandage Actico Cohesive Bandage

    What is an Actico Cohesive Bandage?

    This inelastic Compression Bandage is ideal for treating

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  8. Tubigrip Bandages For Proper Support and Free Movement

    The Tubigrip is a stretchable tubular bandage that provides targeted support to weak joints with complete freedom of movement for your limbs. The bandage is ideal for soft tissue injuries like sprain and strains. It stays put in one place without the need for tapes or pins, making putting the bandage on and off easy without causing discomfort to the injury.

    What are Tubigrip Tubular Bandages?

    This bandage has a quick effect on soft tissue injuries and is perfect for the treatment of strains and sprains. It is a multi-purpose bandage that can be used for pressure dressing. It distributes the pressure evenly on the surface by automatically adjusting to the contours of the body. Tubigrip is a reusable bandage for multiple

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