Heal & Protect with Silver Dressings

Silver dressings are an integral part of Wound Management. They are used to treat infected wounds and can reduce the bacterial load in the wound. They are available in a variety of presentations such as Foams and Alginates.

Although expensive, these dressings are effective and a useful addition to oral/intravenous antibiotic treatment which may not achieve therapeutic levels in the wound area especially in patients with poor circulation.

How Does It Work?

When Silver dressings come in contact with exudate, positive charged silver ions (Ag+) are released. The silver ions bind to bacterial cell membranes causing cell death.
Silver exerts its antimicrobial action in the following ways

•    Silver ions are released into the wound upon contact with exudate and kill the bacteria
•    Exudate is absorbed into the dressing where the silver ions attack the bacteria.

When to Use

Silver dressings are appropriate for wounds that are infected and are suitable for shallow or cavity wounds. They can be used on many wound types such as surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers , diabetic foot ulcers and burns.

silver dressings

Types of Silver dressings

Allevyn Ag Adhesive , Mepilex Ag and Biatain Ag are all examples of Silver Foam Dressings. Melgisorb Ag , Silvercell and Sorbsan Silver are all examples of Silver Alginate dressings. Acticoat and Physiotulle Ag and both mesh dressings impregnated with silver. Actisorb Silver 220 is an activated charcoal dressing with silver to combat wound malodour and infection.

At Wound-Care.co.uk you’ll find a comprehensive range of Silver dressings in a wide selection of sizes available for rapid delivery worldwide.

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