1. Granuflex Border Dressings Keep your Wounds Clean and Safe

    The Granuflex Border dressings have a combination of unique hydrocolloid formula with an adhesive foam border suitable to use on low to moderately exuding wounds in hard to dress areas. It is used for pressure ulcers of stage I to IV and minor abrasions and lacerations.

    What is a Granuflex Border Dressing?

    Granuflex Border dressing is a dressing that has hydrocolloid and moisture-retentive qualities that are used for partial and full-thickness wounds with exudate. The moist environment it creates around the wound helps it heal quicker. The hydrocolloid composition forms a cohesive gel when it comes in contact with the wound and therefore supports moist wound healing. This dressing aids in the cost-effective healing of wounds at home.


    Benefits of Granuflex Border Dressings

    • Supports a moist healing environment to the wound
    • Provides a barrier against bacteria and viruses
    • Keeps nerve ending moist that relieves discomfort and pain
    • Easy to apply and remove formula


    Where to use the Granuflex Border Dressings?

    • Can be used on Chronic wounds like pressure ulcers (stage I to IV)
    • Can also be used on acute wounds like traumatic wounds and minor abrasions


    Where not to use Granuflex Border Dressings?

    • In case of infection around the wound
    • In case of the wound having any sort of ointment layer over it


    Precautions to be taken while using Granuflex Border Dressings?

    • Should be used under medical supervision
    • Not to be used in case of an anaerobic infection
    • Can result in hyper granulation and allergic reactions
    • In case of excess exudate, choose a more absorbent dressing


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  2. Mepitac Tape A Secure Fixation for Your Skin

    Mepitac tape is a waterproof silicone tape that consists of a soft silicone layer which makes it highly conformable. It is applied to patients with fragile skin as it ensures secure application and gentle removal. This tape is mainly used for fixation of medical devices and dressings such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes, etc.

    What is Mepitac tape?

    Mepitac tape soft silicone tape is a secure and gentle fixation tape that helps patients with fragile and sensitive skin. The Safetac adhesive makes sure that this tape can be changed without pain or damage. This tape is mainly used for fixation of medical devices such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes and IV cannulae. The knitted fabric and polyurethane film makes it highly conformable and thus suitable for all kinds of dressings.

    Benefits of Mepitac tape

    • Minimizes pain and skin damage during dressing change
    • Can be used over several days with easy repositioning design
    • Leaves no residue on removal from skin
    • Conforms well to body contours
    • Waterproof design

    Where to use the Mepitac tape?

    • Ideal for allergies, sensitive and fragile skin and conditions like eczema
    • Suitable for repeated application and removal
    • For fixation of medical devices such as wound dressings and probe tubes
    • For neonates, wound, ostomy, and dialysis

    Where not to use Mepitac tape?

    • Not to be used by people who have an allergy to silicone
    • Not to be used on dirty and moist areas
    • Not to be used in places that have ointment applied to them
    • Not to be used on wounds that are bleeding

    Precautions to be taken while using Mepitac tape?

    • Not intended to support or fix life-supporting devices
    • Not for use on arterial catheters or cannulae


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  3. Mesorb Dressing Absorbent Dressing for Your Wounds

    Mesorb Dressing is a kind of absorbent dressing that can absorb large amounts of wound exudates for a long period of time. This prevents wound contamination and infection from external sources while keeping the patient in comfort with its flexible application. The dressing promotes drying of the wound and helps in faster and better healing.

    What is Mesorb Dressing?

    The Mesorb Dressing is a highly absorbent dressing that can be applied to the wound which secretes a lot of exudates. This dressing absorbs the exudate for a long time also acting as a barrier between the wound and all the external contaminants that might infect the wound further. This dressing can be applied directly to the wound or as a secondary dressing on areas where high absorbency is needed. The back layer has folded edges to prevent any leaks from the side.

    Benefits of Mesorb Dressing

    • Maintains exudate efficiently with its highly absorbent core
    • Low adherent wound contact layer
    • Keeps the outer layer dry
    • Prevents any leakages from the sides
    • Maintain patient comfort with a breathable backing

    Where to use the Mesorb Dressing?

    • Use in on highly exuding wounds
    • Wounds that require a primary dressing
    • Wounds that require secondary dressing for exudate absorption

    Where not to use Mesorb Dressing?

    • Should not be used by persons sensitive to dressings or components
    • Should not be used on areas that are bleeding
    • Not to be used on infected areas
    • Not to be used on untreated wounds

    Precautions to be taken while using Mesorb Dressing?

    • Change the dressing at regular intervals depending upon the exudate being produced
    • Do not reuse this dressing

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  4. Compression Hosiery - Keep Yourself Active

    Compression Hosiery is specially made snug-fitting socks that just have the tube part in them. These stockings squeeze your legs and help your blood vessels work better so bold can flow more freely. They can lessen the pain and swelling in your legs and can prevent any blood clot problems.

    What is Compression Hosiery?

    Compression Hosiery fits snugly to your feet and compresses them lightly so that there are no chances of a blood clot and there is proper flow of blood in your legs. These stockings are mostly used to relieve tired aching legs and provide relief from painful varicose veins. This lowers the chances of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other circulation problems. They are specially made tighter around the ankles and get looser as they move up the leg.

    Benefits of Compression Hosiery

    Compression Hosiery helps with

    • Painful Varicose veins
    • Throbbing and/or swollen legs
    • Itchy patches above the ankle
    • Tired, aching legs
    • Promotes a healthy flow of blood inside the legs


    Where not to use Compression Hosiery?

    • Diabetics should consult their doctor prior to use
    • Patients with congestive cardiac failure
    • Patients with arterial disease


    Precautions to be taken while using Compression Hosiery?

    • Should not be worn incorrectly
    • Not to be worn for long periods
    • Stockings should not be wrinkled or worn incorrectly
    • Should not be too tight or compressing


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  5. Dressing Your Wounds Made Easier Like Never Before

    Getting hurt sometimes is unavoidable; it's an integral part of our life. Right from the time we are kids, we are told that getting injured while playing will only help boost our stamina and increase the immunity level of our bodies. But the real challenge hits when its time to decide what is the right dressing, we should choose to dress a particular wound. We cant just rush to the hospital for every small injury or ulcers we get. Therefore, Woundcare brings you the ultimate Duoderm Signal dressing, which is perfect for covering your wounds with a waterproof film.

    What is Duoderm Dressing?

    This tapered edge hydrocolloid dressing comes with a latex-free adhesive that is suitable for use on light to moderately exudating wounds. The Duoderm dressing is indicated for wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, and second-degree burns.

    Features of Duoderm Dressing

    • It provides a gel coat over the part of the dressing directly in contact with the wound while ensuring maximum comfort.
    • It is effortless to apply and doesn't damage the newly formed tissue on the wound cavity on removal.
    • The dressing comes with a thin polyurethane film that acts as a barrier against the bacteria when the dressing is still intact with no exudate.
    • This film also acts as a waterproof coating protecting the wound.


    Distinguishing Feature

    The Duoderm signal dressing has two distinguishing features that give it an edge over other types of bandages.

    • These dressings have a visual indicator which alerts you when the time is right for changing the dressing, reducing premature dressing changes.
    • It has a thin film of smooth, low friction backing that is designed to reduce shearing. Shearing means premature dislodging of the dressing.


    Use the Dressing Optimally

    • The translucent backing provides enhanced dressing placement and initial monitoring of the wound.
    • It has tapered edges that are perfect for dressing wounds in difficult areas that are likely to develop injuries like buttocks, sacrum, heels, elbows, etc.

    If you need to keep the dressing that is helpful in most situations, then the Duoderm signal dressings are your perfect companion and make for handy first-aid supply at home.

  6. Mepilex Dressing

    Choosing the right type of dressing or gauzes for your wound is essential, and it depends on the type of your wound. Mepilex is one of the popularly used types of dressing.

    What Is Mepilex Dressing?

    Mepilex bandage is made from polyurethane foam and is known for its absorbing properties. The outer layer of the bandages is a vapour-permeable polyurethane membrane which blocks bacteria and other foreign particles from entering the wound.

    Mepilex is available in different sizes. The most common sizes are: 5cm x5cm, 10cm x 11cm, 11cm x 20cm, 20cm x 21cm

    Benefits of Mepilex Dressing

    Mepilex bandages dont stick to a moist wound.
    They block your wound from moisture and bacteria.
    Mepilex bandages minimize interference and maximize wound healing.
    These bandages are easy-to-use and are designed to minimize pain.

    When to Use Mepilex Dressing?

    Mepilex bandage is designed to be used in cases of pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers, and traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, etc. Mepilex dressing may also be used to prevent further skin damages in some cases.

    When Not to Use Mepilex Dressing?

    Mepilex Dressing can be quite helpful in multiple cases, but at the same times, you should make sure that they are not used in cases of clinically infected wounds. In such cases, it is advised to consult a specialist before dressing the wound.

    Precautions to Be Taken When Applying Mepilex Dressing

    Every type of bandage comes with a list of precautions that you should follow to make sure that you dont suffer its consequences. When using Mepilex Dressing, make sure you havent applied any oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide. Make sure that the bandage is stored in a dry place before using.

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  7. Protect Your Wounds with Kliniderm Superabsorbent Dressings

    What is Kliniderm Superabsorbent Dressing?

    The Klinderm superabsorbent dressing is a 4-layer dressing which is held together by a unique patented seal ensuring it doesnt come off easily. These dressings are meant for chronic and acute wounds, whether moderately or highly exuding. They can also be used under compression and are more absorbent compared to other superabsorbent dressings. These dressings have excellent absorption and retention properties.

    Benefits of using Kliniderm?

    • Amazing absorption and retention properties in comparison with other superabsorbent dressings
    • About 80% more effective compared to other superabsorbent dressings
    • Reduces the risk of cross contamination on dressing removal
    • Can be used under compression
    • Reduces the risk of maceration and excoriation to the peri-wound tissue
    • Rapid fluid absorption and minimizes fluid strike-through
    • Does not adhere to the wound bed
    • Hypoallergenic
    • No sticky glues or adhesives
    • Flexible and conformable for increased patient comfort


    Where to use Kliniderm ?

    • Foot ulcers of diabetics
    • Ulcers formed under excessive pressure
    • Venous and arterial leg and foot ulcers
    • Post-operative stiches and wounds
    • Open cuts, scrapes or puncturewounds


    Directions for use

    • The first step is to clean and dry the wound
    • The second is making sure that the size of the dressing includes at least 1.5cm of the unaffected part of the skin
    • Apply the superabsorbent dressing gently, directly on the wound site with its white hydrophilic side facing the wounded or affected area
    • For better protection of the wound or infected area, secure it with a secondary dressing, such as bandage or tape to make sure it stays in place.


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  8. Profore Bandages

    The healing of a wound depends on the type of dressing used to a large extent. The Profore bandaging system is known for its multi-layer protection of wounds. In this article, the various aspects of Profore dressing are discussed benefits, precautions, when to use/not to use, precautions, etc.The healing of a wound depends on the type of dressing used to a large extent. The Profore bandaging system is known for its multi-layer protection of wounds. In this article, the various aspects of Profore dressing are discussed benefits, precautions, when to use/not to use, precautions, etc.

    What is Profore Dressing?

    Profore Dressing is a multi-layer compression formula which aims at sustained wound healing by graduated compression. They are latex-free bandages used for the effective management of venous leg ulcers.

    Forms of Profore Dressing are mentioned below.

    • Profore Bandage Profore No 1 10cm x 3.5m Pack Size 1 Profore Bandage
    • Profore No 1 10cm x 3.5m Latex Free Pack Size 1
    • Profore Bandage Profore No 2 10cm x 4.5m Pack Size 1
    • Profore Bandage Profore No 2 10cm x 4.5m Latex Free Pack Size 1
    • Profore Bandage Profore No 3 10cm x 8.7m Pack Size 1
    • Profore Bandage Profore No 3 10cm x 8.7m Latex Free Pack Size 1
    • Profore Bandage Profore No 4 10cm x 2.5m Pack Size 1
    • Profore Bandage Profore No 4 10cm x 2.5m Latex Free Pack Size 1
    • Profore Plus 10cm x 3m Pack Size 1
    • Profore Plus 10cm x 3m Latex Free Pack Size 1


    Benefits Of Profore Bandages

    Profore dressing contains multiple layers wound contact, natural padding, light comfortable, light compression, and flexible cohesive layer.Longer Duration: Profore dressing can last up to seven days.Profore bandages are latex-free and reduce preparation time.

    When to use Profore bandages?

    Profore bandages are specially designed for the management of leg ulcers and associated conditions. Use Profore dressing on ankle circumferences for maximum healing impact.

    When not to use Profore bandages?

    The use of Profore bandages differs from person to person. You shouldnt use Profore bandages for people with arterial impairment and diabetic persons with vessel disease. Patients with low (0.8 or below) ankle-brachial index should avoid using Profore dressing. Consult a specialist in such cases to make sure you are well-informed before using the product.

    Precautions to take when applying Profore bandages

    There are multiple precautions attached to the usage of Prefore bandages. Always ensure that the multiple layers are not too tight. If the patient feels constant pain or numb/cool in the injured area, remove the bandage immediately.

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  9. Gelatin-Free Hydrocoll Dressings

    Using dressings on wounds can be painful if you dont choose the right type of dressings. People using conventional dressing forms to heal their wounds have reported to experience dryness, irritation, and many other problems. Hydrocoll dressing is an effective dressing form that is used for injuries such as blisters, moderately exuding wounds, etc.

    What is Hydrocoll Dressing?

    Hydrocoll dressing is a self-adhering and gelatin free Hydrocolloid dressing with a semi-permeable polyurethane film which protects your wound from bacteria and water. Hydrocolloids accelerate the healing process of your wounds by providing moisture-retention and solid wafers that provide hydro active particles such as sodium carboxymethyl cellulose which eventually expands to form a self-adhesive gel.

    Forms of Hydrocolloid Dressing are mentioned below.

    Hydrocoll Dressings 5cm x 5cm (Pack Size 10)
    Hydrocoll Dressings 7.5cm x 7.5cm (Pack Size 10)
    Hydrocoll Concave Dressing 12cm x 8cm (Pack Size 10)
    Hydrocoll Sacral Dressing 12cm x 18cm (Pack Size 5)
    Hydrocoll Dressings 15cm x 15cm (Pack Size 5)
    Hydrocoll Dressings 10cm x 10cm (Pack Size 10)

    Benefits of Hydrocoll Dressing

    Non-Permeable to Bacteria: Hydrocoll Dressing uses hydrocolloid dressing, which forms a gelatinous wafer around your wound, protecting it from bacteria and other foreign particles.

    Easy-To-Apply: Hydrocoll dressing is quite easy to apply. It comes with easy instructions to use.

    Minimum Hindrance to Healing: Hydrcoll dressing is semi-permeable, waterproof, and lasts for a longer duration. This makes sure that your wound is healed without external hindrance and thus maximum healing.

    Where to use Hydrocoll Dressing?
    You can use Hydrocoll Dressing for healing low to moderate exuding granular and necrotic wounds.

    Where not to use Hydrocoll Dressing?
    It is advised not to use Hydrocoll dressing on clinically infected wounds such as exposed tendon/bone, full-thickness burns.

    Precautions To Take Before Use Hydrocoll Dressing
    Hydrocoll dressing shouldnt be used on sore muscles and tendons. If you have any skin allergy, you should consult a specialist before using Hyrocoll dressing.

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  10. Cool Down the burning pain with ActiFormCool

    Whenever we hurt ourselves, there are different types of wounds that we get, some are treated by keeping the wound and the area surrounding it moist, while there are some which need to be kept dry. The ActiFormCool dressings help maintain an optimal healing environment by either donating or absorbing exudate depending on the moisture level in the wound

    What is the ActiFormCool Hydrogel Sheet Dressing?

    ActiFormCool is a hydrogel sheet with high water content, with a non-adhesive, sensitive preservative. The dressing is a two-faced, transparent hydrogel sheet formed around a polyethylene matrix base sheet. The smart formula hydrogel sheet is highly permeable to water vapor, gases and small protein molecules which maintains the moisture content in the wound. It is impermeable to bacteria and ensures protection against dust and infections.

    The Benefits of ActiFormCool Dressings

    • The exemplary hydrogel sheet to put over painful wounds.
    • It absorbs and provides the fluid to maintain an optimal level of moisture on the wound
    • It can be used on a variety of infectious or painful wounds and skin conditions.
    • It can be used under compression on moderate to highly exuding wounds.
    • May be used with secondary dressings where appropriate.
    • It is suitable for use on leg ulcers, damage from radiation therapy, pressure necrosis and exposed tendons and burnt skin
    • It may be clubbed with secondary dressings wherever you feel the need.


    The Precautions For Using ActiFormCool Dressings

    The dressings should not be used as a covering on deep, narrow cavities or sinuses.
    They shoud not be used on patients sensitive to any of the dressing components.

    Where to Use ActiFormCool Dressings ?

    Dress your wounds with the doctor trusted super absorbent dressings with the latest hydrogel technology, which is highly permeable to moisture and gases and impermeable to dust and bacteria to minimize the risk of infections.

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