Knit-Band Confirming Bandage

Knit-Band bandage is a highly conformable, lightweight Polyamide and celulose contour bandage. Suitable for dressing retention and light support

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Product Description: Discover the versatility and comfort of Knit-Band, a highly conformable contour bandage crafted from lightweight polyamide and cellulose. This bandage is engineered for optimal dressing retention and provides gentle, effective support for various applications.

Brand: Knit-Band

Type: Contour Bandage

Usage: Ideal for dressing retention and providing light support, the Knit-Band is a versatile bandage suitable for various wound care applications.

Ingredients: Polyamide and Cellulose

•    Highly conformable design
•    Lightweight construction
•    Polyamide and cellulose composition
•    Suitable for dressing retention
•    Provides light support

Directions for Use: Follow the specific guidelines for application provided with Knit-Band. Ensure proper application for effective dressing retention and light support.


Knit-Band is indicated for use in scenarios requiring dressing retention and light support. Its adaptable design makes it suitable for a range of wound-care applications.

Store Knit-Band in a cool, dry place to maintain its effectiveness.

Use Knit-Band as directed, and consult healthcare professionals for personalised advice based on specific patient needs.

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