K-Band Conforming Bandage

K-Band is a lightweight knitted viscose and nylon bandage. It is highly conformable and available in 4 different widths. Suitable for dressing retention and general First Aid use.

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Product Description: Discover the versatility of the K-Band, a lightweight knitted bandage carefully crafted from viscose and nylon. Designed with flexibility and effectiveness in mind, the K-Band proves to be highly conformable, making it an ideal choice for various medical applications.

Brand: K-Band

Type: Conforming Bandage

Usage: K-Band is a go-to solution for dressing retention and general first aid use. Its lightweight construction and flexibility make it suitable for a range of medical applications.

•    Lightweight knitted bandage
•    Crafted from viscose and nylon for optimal flexibility
•    Highly conformable to different body contours
•    Available in 4 different widths for versatile applications
•    Ideal for dressing retention and general first-aid use

Directions for Use: Apply K-Band as needed for dressing retention or first aid purposes. Follow standard healthcare practices for proper application.

K-Band Conforming Bandage is indicated to be used for dressing retention.

K-BAND is not suitable for the application of support or pressure and should therefore not be used to apply external compression in the treatment of leg ulcers caused by venous insufficiency.

Store it in a cool, dry place.

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