Intrasite Conformable Dressings

Intrasite Conformable is a Non-woven Dressings impregnated with Intrasite Gel. combining the advantages of the gel with a dressing to aid the gentle packing of deep cavity wounds.It is suitable for use in necrotic, sloughy and granulating wounds, and helps create a moist wound environment to facilitate healing.

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IntraSite Conformable can be used for the management of shallow wounds, excoriated skin and irradiated tissue. It is indicated for use in open wounds e.g. pressure sores, surgical wounds healing by secondary intention and malignant wounds. It is especially useful for the packing of deep cavity wounds to prevent premature closure.


  • Known sensitivity to IntraSite Conformable or any of its ingredients.
  • IntraSite Conformable should be used with care in the vicinity of the eye.
  • Avoid ingestion.
  • Avoid use on cracked nipples.
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