Inadine Dressings

Inadine is a Non-adherent dressing, impregnated with a polyethylene glycol base containing 10% Povidone-Iodine. As iodine is released the dressing changes colour from orange to white provide a good indication of when to change the dressing.Suitable for the prevention and management of infection in ulcers, minor burns and minor skin injuries.

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Inadine dressings are used for Management and prevention of infection in ulcers, minor burns and minor traumatic skin injuries.


Inadine dressings should not be used where there is a known iodine hypersensitivity; before and after the use of radio-iodine (until permanent healing); Must be used under medical supervision: in patients with any thyroid diseases; in newborn babies and infants up to the age of 6 months as povidone-iodine may be absorbed through unbroken skin; when treating deep ulcerative wounds, burns or large injuries. if the patient is being treated for kidney problems, is pregnant or breastfeeding; in cases of Duhring's herpetiform dermatitis.

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