FoamLite Convatec Dressings

FoamLite is thin, flexible foam dressing specifically designed for the management of low to non-exuding chronic and acute wounds. Since it is thin, it is equally breathable and perforated, designed with a gentle skin-friendly silicone adhesive. It is effective on wounds like skin abrasions, skin tears, and partial-thickness burns, which do not require the absorbency of regular foam dressings. This foam dressing is flexible and conforms to the body even in awkward places like elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. It is made with three synergistic layers. The first one is a soft-to-touch layer that provides an effective barrier against water bacteria and viruses. The second is made of thin-flexible soft foam that helps in the absorption of low exudate levels while helping maintain a moist wound-healing environment. The third layer is made using perforated, gentle, skin-friendly silicone adhesive that is easy to apply. Available in different sizes that can be cut to shape and comes with a maximum wear time of 7 days.

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FoamLite Convatec Dressings 8cm x 8cm Pack Size 10
FoamLite Convatec Dressings 10cm x 10cm Pack Size 10
FoamLite Convatec Dressings 15cm x 15cm Pack Size 10
FoamLite Convatec Dressings 5.5cm x 12cm Pack Size 10


  • Non-exuding wounds
  • Acute wounds
  • Chronic wounds

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible dressing conforms to the body shape, including difficult curves of the body
  • Thin foam dressing is less intrusive
  • Designed for non-exuding wounds
  • Breathable film layer
  • Gentle to skin
  • Silicone adhesive
  • 3 synergistic layer
  • Protective barrier
  • Skin friendly adhesive
  • Maintains a moist wound environment to promote healing
  • Absorbs low exudate wounds
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to re-position

Product Specifications:

  • Shapes: Square and Rectangle
  • Color: Tan
  • Materials: Foam, Silicone
  • Application: Foam Dressing
  • Adhesive: Silicone
  • Backing: Film
  • Type: Adhesive with border
  • Sterile
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