Eclypse Boot Dressings

Eclypse Boot is ananatomically shaped super absorbant dressing drsigned for application to the lower limb area.The Absorbant layer rapidly absorbs exudate forming a gel thus reducing the risk of leakage.Suitable for moderate to heavily exuding wounds.

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Product Description: Introducing Eclypse Boot is an anatomically shaped super absorbent dressing crafted for precise application to the lower limb area. This advanced dressing is designed to effectively manage moderate to heavily exuding wounds. Its absorbent layer rapidly and efficiently absorbs exudate, transforming it into a gel to minimise the risk of leakage. The Eclypse Boot is the ideal choice for comprehensive wound care on the lower limb.

Brand: Eclypse

Type: Anatomically Shaped Super Absorbent Dressing

Usage: Eclypse Boot is specifically tailored for the management of wounds with moderate to heavy exudate on the lower limb. Its anatomical shape ensures a secure and precise fit, optimising the absorption of exudate and minimising the risk of leakage. This dressing is a valuable addition to wound care and promotes effective healing.

Ingredients: The dressing features a super-absorbent layer designed for efficient exudate management. For specific ingredient details, please refer to the product's packaging or consult a healthcare professional.

•    Anatomical Design: The Eclypse Boot's unique shape is tailored to the lower limb, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
•    Super Absorbent Technology: The dressing's super absorbent layer rapidly absorbs exudate, transforming it into a gel for reduced risk of leakage.

Directions for Use:
•    Ensure the wound area on the lower limb is clean, free from debris, and infection-free.
•    Select the appropriate size of Eclypse Boot based on the wound's dimensions and exudate level.
•    Apply the dressing to the lower limb area, ensuring it covers the entire affected region.
•    Secure the dressing in place using an appropriate secondary dressing or fixation method.
•    Adhere to the healthcare professional's recommendations regarding the frequency of dressing changes and overall wound care management.

Storage: Store Eclypse Boot in a cool, dry place, maintaining a temperature below 25°C. Shield the dressings from direct sunlight and moisture. Ensure the product remains sealed in its original packaging until use to preserve sterility.


Leg ulcers, superficial wounds, arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, lymphoedema, and highly exuding wounds.


Do not use on arterial bleeds or heavily bleeding wounds.

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