Eclypse Adherent Dressings

Eclypse Adherent is a super absorbent dressing with a soft silicone contact layer. The soft silicone layer provides gentle adherence and reduces pain and tissue damage on removal. Exudate is rapidly absorbed into the dressing forming a gel thus reducing the risk of leakage.

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Product Description: Discover Eclypse Adherent, a remarkable super-absorbent dressing equipped with a soft silicone contact layer. This advanced dressing offers not only exceptional absorption capabilities but also ensures gentle and pain-reducing adherence to the skin. When exudate is absorbed, it rapidly transforms into a gel within the dressing, effectively minimising the risk of leakage and offering a superior wound care solution.

Brand: Eclypse

Type: Super Absorbent Dressing with a Soft Silicone Contact Layer

Usage: Eclypse Adherent is specially designed for the effective management of wounds with moderate to heavy exudate. Its super-absorbent properties make it an ideal choice for wounds requiring advanced exudate management. The soft silicone contact layer minimises pain and tissue damage during dressing changes, enhancing patient comfort.

Ingredients: The dressing combines super-absorbent materials with a soft silicone contact layer. These ingredients work together to achieve superior absorption and reduce pain during removal. For specific ingredient details, please refer to the product's packaging or consult a healthcare professional.

•    Super Absorbent Technology: Eclypse Adherent boasts exceptional absorption capabilities, rapidly converting exudate into a gel for reduced risk of leakage.
•    Soft Silicone Contact Layer: The dressing's soft silicone layer ensures gentle adherence to the skin, reducing pain and tissue damage during dressing changes.

Directions for Use:
•    Ensure the wound area is clean, debris-free, and infection-free.
•    Choose the appropriate size of Eclypse Adherent based on the wound's dimensions and exudate level.
•    Apply the dressing directly to the wound, ensuring it covers the entire affected area.
•    Secure the dressing in place using an appropriate secondary dressing or fixation method.
•    Follow the healthcare professional's recommendations regarding the frequency of dressing changes and overall wound care management.

Storage: Store Eclypse Adherent in a cool, dry place, maintaining a temperature below 25°C. Shield the dressings from direct sunlight and moisture. Ensure that the product remains sealed in its original packaging until use to preserve sterility.


Moderate to heavily exuding wounds including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, sloughy wounds, granulating wounds, postoperative sutured or dehisced wounds, fungating wounds, and donor sites.


Arterial bleeds and heavily bleeding wounds. Do not cut Eclypse Adherent.

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