Debrisoft Dressings 10cm x 10cm Pad Pack Size 5

Debrisoft® is a unique, rapid and virtually painless debridement product that can debride wounds in just 2-4 minutes rather than days or weeks. Debrisoft® rapidly removes wound debris, necrotic material, and exudate from wounds as well as hyperkeratotic tissue from skin, while leaving newly-formed granulation tissue and epithelial cells intact. 

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A rapid, safe and easy method of debridement for superficial wounds containing loose slough and debris. This includes leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and postoperative wounds healing by secondary intention. Can also be used to remove hyperkeratosis from the skin. If very stubborn slough or hard necrosis is present, treatment by autolytic debridement using dressings before treatment is advised.


Always fully moisten with a wound cleansing solution e.g. saline or water (refer to local guidelines) before use, then wipe the wound surface/skin with gentle pressure. Always use the soft, fibre side and not the knitted, reverse side. Must not be used as a wound dressing. Should not be used if there is a known sensitivity to any components of the product.

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