Atrauman Ag Dressings

Atrauman Ag forms silver ions on its surface when in contact with wound exudate killing bacteria on contact. Wound exudate, dead bacteria and endotoxins are absorbed by the secondary dressing . The Silver ions are kept within the dressing where they bind to and destroy bacteria hence cytotoxicity of Atrauman Ag is very low.

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Atrauman Ag dressings are a type of non-adherent wound dressings that are designed to provide a moist wound healing environment. They are composed of a polyester mesh impregnated with a special hydrophobic ointment that contains silver. The silver in the ointment provides an antimicrobial effect that helps to reduce the risk of infection in the wound.

The non-adherent properties of Atrauman Ag dressings make them ideal for use on delicate, fragile or painful wounds. They do not stick to the wound bed, which reduces pain and trauma during dressing changes. The dressings are also highly permeable to air and water vapor, which helps to maintain a moist wound healing environment.

Atrauman Ag dressings are suitable for use on a wide range of wounds, including chronic wounds, acute wounds, and post-operative wounds. They are especially effective on wounds with high exudate levels, as the hydrophobic ointment helps to absorb excess moisture.

To use Atrauman Ag dressings, clean the wound thoroughly and apply the dressing directly to the wound bed. Secure the dressing in place using a suitable secondary dressing, such as a bandage or adhesive tape. Dressings should be changed regularly according to the level of exudate in the wound, but typically every 2-3 days.


Polyester mesh, hydrophobic ointment containing silver.


Atrauman Ag dressings must be kept in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. If the packaging has been damaged or the expiration date is past, do not use.


Atrauman Ag dressings should not be used on patients who have a known allergy to silver, or any of the other ingredients. Consult a health professional if irritation occurs. This dressing should only be applied externally and not on mucous membranes or eyes. Seek medical advice if the wound is infected or fails to heal within a reasonable period of time.

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