Activon Tube 25g

Activon Tube contains 100% Medical grade Manuka Honey.It can be used to De-bride and De-slough wounds , eliminating odours and thereby providing a moist healing environment. It can be used for topping up dressings where the honey has been washed away and ideal for using in cavities.

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Product Name: Activon Tube
Size: 25g
Pack Size: 1
The Activon Tube is a versatile and effective wound care product that comes in a size of 25g. It is designed to facilitate the healing process and promote a healthy wound environment. The tube contains medical-grade honey, known for its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to prevent infection, reduce pain, and accelerate wound healing. The Activon Tube is easy to apply and can be used on various types of wounds, including burns, ulcers, and surgical wounds. With a pack size of 1, it is a convenient option for both healthcare professionals and individuals managing wounds at home.

Do not use if patient has a known allergy to Bee venom. Ensure Blood Glucose levels are monitored in patients with Diabetes.

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