Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Open Toe Stockings

Class 2 Medium Support Hosiery provides compression of 18-24mmHg at the ankle. They are suitable for the treatment of medium severity varicose veins, prevention of leg ulcers , mild oedema and varicosis during pregnancy


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A : Widest part of the thigh ( 5cm below the Groin )

B : Widest part of the calf

C :  Just above the ankle

D : Length from heel to big toe

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Product Description: Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Open Toe Stockings offer medium-support hosiery with compression of 18–24 mmHg at the ankle. These stockings are designed to effectively treat medium-severity varicose veins, prevent leg ulcers, address mild edoema, and support varicosis during pregnancy.

Brand: Activa

Type: Thigh Length Open Toe Stockings

Usage: Recommended for managing medium-severity varicose veins, preventing leg ulcers, managing mild oedema, and supporting varicosis during pregnancy.

Ingredients: N/A

•    Delivers compression ranging from 18 to 24 mmHg at the ankle
•    Beneficial for treating varicose veins of medium severity
•    Aids in the prevention of leg ulcers and the management of mild oedema
•    Designed for use in cases of varicosis during pregnancy

Ideal for:
•    Medium-severity varicose veins
•    Prevention of leg ulcers
•    Management of mild oedema
•    Varicosis during pregnancy

Directions for Use: Wear as directed by a healthcare professional. Gently pull stockings over the leg for optimal compression and comfort.

Precautions: Consult a healthcare provider before use, especially if you have circulatory issues or skin sensitivities.

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