Actico2C Leg Ulcer Kit

Actico 2C® is a two component latex-free leg ulcer kit cosisting of two types of bandages. The First Layer is a Foam Comfort Layer. The second bandage is a Compression Bandage.It is available in two sizes and the component bandages are also available individually.

  • Actico2c 18-25cm-suitable for ankles between 18-25cm
  • Actico2c 25-32cm-suitable for ankles between 25-32cm 


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Actico2C Leg Ulcer Kit Standard (18-25cm ) Pack Size 1
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Actico2C Leg Ulcer Kit Comfort Layer 1: 10cm x 3.5m Pack Size 1
Actico2C Leg Ulcer Kit Compression Layer 2: 10cm x 6m Pack Size 1

Product Description: The Actico 2C® Leg Ulcer Kit is a comprehensive two-component system designed to provide effective and latex-free care for leg ulcers. This kit includes two types of bandages, each serving a specific function in the wound healing process.

Brand: Actico 2C®

Type: Leg Ulcer Kit

Usage: Specifically formulated for the management of leg ulcers, the Actico 2C® Leg Ulcer Kit offers a two-step approach to enhance the healing process.

Ingredients: This leg ulcer kit comprises two key components:

•    Foam Comfort Layer: The first bandage serves as a soft and supportive foam comfort layer.
•    Compression Bandage: The second bandage is a compression bandage designed to provide optimal pressure for effective wound care.

•    Two-Component System: Actico 2C® offers a dual-bandage system to address different aspects of leg ulcer care.
•    Latex-Free: Ensures compatibility with individuals who may have latex sensitivities or allergies.
•    Available in Two Sizes: The kit comes in two sizes to accommodate different ankle circumferences, providing a tailored solution for patients.
•    Individual Component Availability: Both the foam comfort layer and compression bandage can be purchased separately.

Directions for Use:
•    Begin with the application of the foam comfort layer to the affected leg.
•    Follow by applying the compression bandage over the foam layer, ensuring appropriate pressure for effective compression therapy.
•    Use the kit as directed by healthcare professionals or per individual wound care needs.

Store the Actico 2C® Leg Ulcer Kit in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve the integrity of the bandages.


Management of venous leg ulcers, with and without mild uncomplicated chronic oedema in both mobile and immobile patients. Suitable for patients with an ABPI >0.8–1.3; an ABPI of >1.3 requires further investigation before use (please refer to local guidelines).


Not recommended for patients with ankle circumference <18cm. Caution is required when: cardiac overload is suspected; patients have diabetes; patients have advanced small vessel disease; arterial disesae is present; renal failure is present.

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