Siltape Perforated Soft Silicone Tape

Siltape is made of soft perforated silicone that is gentle on the skin and is ideal for use by patients having friable or very thin skin susceptible to damage by the use of regular tapes. The Siltape comes over a handy roll which has perforations for ease of use. The soft silicone used in Siltape ensures that it will not strip cells in the way other adhesive tapes do and doesn't damage the skin.

Key Benefits of Siltape:

  • The Siltape is perfect for use on sensitive or fragile skin.
  • The Siltape is ideal for protecting friable skin tissues from sores due to tubing or pressure damage caused by the tape. This feature becomes very useful when using the Siltape on top of the ears or on the face.
  • The glue-based tapes are painful to remove and often lose their adhesiveness or damage skin tissues if adjusted. Using Siltape in such cases would be ideal.

How to Use the Siltape?

The Siltape can be used on sensitive or fragile skin like regular adhesive tapes.


Siltape is can be used in the following ways:

  • Taping down the eyelids in theatre.
  • It can be used to hold dressings in place.
  • For securing fistula needles and IV line.
  • For use under oxygen masks.
  • Ideal for use on the soft skin of babies.
  • Protecting skin from sores due to tubing and pressure damage


  • Do not use this tape on broken skin.
  • Dont use the tape if allergic to silicone.

Sizes available:

  • 2 cm 3 m
  • 4 cm 1.5 m

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