Opsite Flexifix Tape is a waterproof tape for medical uses. It is a transparent adhesive film which can be easily applied to awkward areas of the body and can also be used to place dressings. The look and feel of the tape is like a plastic tape and it can be worn up to seven days. It is perfect to hold medical devices like catheters and stoma wafers in place.


Key Benefits of Opsite Flexifix Tape:

  • The tape is vapour permeable and avoids accumulation of fluid and perspiration under the dressing.
  • Its acrylic adhesive minimizes the risk of damage to skin tissues while removal.
  • The tape sticks well with the body contours and is comfortable to wear.

How to Use the Opsite Flexifix Tape?

Cut the required length of the tape and apply it over the affected area of the body. If using this tape over any awkward area, then make sure that this tape is not applied under tension. The tape should be changed according to the condition of the underlying wound.


The Opsite Flexifix Tapecan be used in the following ways:

  • The Opsite Flexifix Tape is ideal for securing drainage tubes or catheters in position.
  • The tape is useful in the retention of low adherent dressings on the wounds.
  • It can be used to attach leg bags, stoma devices, etc.


  • Do not use Opsite Flexifix Tapeon patients sensitive or allergic to acrylic based adhesives.
  • The tape should not be used on patients having fragile skin.

Size available

  • 5cm x 1m
  • 10cm x 1m

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