Effectiveness Of C-View Transparent Film Wound Dressing

Transparent dressing makes a valuable contribution to the modern day wound management. C-View is a transparent dressingthat allows for continuous observation of the wound throughout the healing process. Impervious to bacteria and waterproof, it effectively meets the needs of primary and secondary dressing.

What is C-View dressing?

The C-View dressing is a transparent and semi-permeable polyurethane film dressing coated with an acrylic adhesive. It is a waterproof and non-absorbent wound dressingbest suited for wounds with little and no exudate. It is used in post-operative wounds, superficial burns, minor abrasions and superficial wounds.

Benefits of C-View dressing

  • Retention is better than other similar dressings
  • Cost-effective option as it does not require frequent reapplication
  • Self-adhesive; easy to apply as well as remove
  • Prevent shear and friction forces to trigger any skin breakdown
  • Can be easily cut to dress difficult wound sites
  • Allows for the observation of the wound without taking it off
  • Provides a bacterial and water barrier for the wounds
  • Latex-free, waterproof film

Where to use C-View dressing?

  • This is suitable for wounds with little or no exudate
  • Used on healing the post-operative wounds

Where not to use C-View dressing?

  • Not to be used on people with known sensitivity to the dressing or its components
  • Do not use on infected wounds, full thickness burns or deep cavity wounds
  • Not to be used alone on exuding wounds
  • Do not use in conjunction with topical medicinal preparations

Precautions to be taken during use of C-View dressing

  • Gently peel by lifting one corner of the dressing
  • Support the skin while peeling the dressing off the skin
  • Peel by stretching parallel skin in the direction of hair growth
  • Avoid traction to the wound and the surrounding skin

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