Duoderm Dressing- An ideal Dressing for non-infected wounds

Duoderm Dressing is a Hydrocolloid Dressing that contains gel-forming agents held within an adhesive compound laminated in place on a foam or film. This is an advanced wound dressing that resembles an absorbent, flexible wafer typically both waterproof and self-adhering. The aim of this type of dressing is to provide a moist healing environment and insulation while using the body’s own moisture and enzymes to keep the wound bed hydrated for proper wound healing.

What are Duoderm Dressings?

Duoderm Dressing is a commonly used Hydrocolloid Dressing for treating bed sores, generally known as pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers. Duoderm dressings exhibit gel-like properties which absorb excretions from the wound to protect the its debris and eliminate all infection causing bacteria.

These are available in two types:

Duoderm extra thin Dressings: It is a Hydrocosilloid Dressinng that can be used anywhere on the body to gently protect newly-formed tissue or skin at risk of breakdown. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Duoderm Extra Thin Dressing can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. Its thin design makes the dressing flexible, conformable and comfortable.

Duoderm Signal Dressings: It is an adhesive, tapered edge, modern Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing with a change indicator, that signals when it is time for a dressing change. The adhesive hydrocolloid matrix and the outer film on Duoderm Signal dressing is permeable by moisture vapor and provides an occlusive barrier against bacteria, viruses, dirt and water. Duoderm Signal Dressing is indicated for the management of light to moderately exuding wounds.

Benefits of Duoderm Dressing:

Minimal disruption to healing: Duoderm Dressings do not need to be changed as often as other types of wound dressings. New dressing only needs to be applied every 3-7 days, which leaves the wound undisturbed for long. This also makes these type of dressings more cost effective.

Impervious to bacteria: Duoderm Dressings significantly lowers the risk of infection because they are impervious to bacteria. The thin polyurethane film provides a bacterial and viral barrier. Also, they are waterproof, allowing patients to proceed with normal bathing.

Adheres only to intact skin: Duoderm Dressings do not adhere to the wound, only to the skin surrounding it. This helps keep newly healed skin intact. Moisture is generated beneath the dressing to promote healing and prevent the breakdown of tissue. In addition, the dressings does not traumatize the skin when removed.

Simple to apply: Versatile, easy to use and are suitable for managing different stages of wound healing and multiple wound types in a protocol of care.

Where to use Duoderm Dressings:

Not all wounds are similar, nor are their origins, hence it becomes extremely important to know where a Duodrem dressing can be used and where not.

  • Clean wounds which are free from dirt or outside bacteria. Since Duoderm dressings provide a barrier for the wound against outside bacteria, a clean wound will likely to stay free of infection when placed under this type of bandage.
  • It is perfect for protection over areas which have recently healed from surface trauma. The Duoderm dressings are also self-adhesive and mold according to the type of wound.
  • These dressings are best used on dry wounds, since the dressing provides a somewhat moist healing environment. If the wound produces a lot of exudate then the dressing might become loose .
  • Can be used over pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers. Duoderm dressing might also be used over granular wounds, partial and full-thickness wounds, necrotic wounds, minor burns, venous insufficiency ulcers.

Precautionary Measure To Be Taken:

There are several situations in which these dressings should not be used:

Heavily draining or actively bleeding wounds: Duoderm Dressings absorb fluids slowly, thus they should not be used on wounds which are producing fluid very quickly.

Infected wounds:  Although these dressings can help to prevent infection, they should not be used on wounds that are already infected due to their occlusive property.

Hyper granulation: These Dressings have been associated with the formation of granulation tissue, therefore, its use should be discontinued if there is any sign of hyper granulation in a wound.

Poor skin integrity: These Dressings are strongly adherent due to their adhesive backings, thus they should not be used on patients with fragile skin.

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