Cutimed Alginate Dressings - The Safe Way to Protect Your Wounds

The Alginate Dressings are dressings made out of natural seaweed. They are useful for covering moderate to heavily exuding wounds and shallow wounds of all kinds that are hard to dress. It helps the patient be as active as possible while its wet integrity enables rapid changes in the dressing while causing minimal discomfort to the patient.

What is Cutimed Alginate Dressing?

The Cutimed Alginate Dressing is a type of wound dressing that falls under the category of Alginate dressing. These dressings provide moist wound healing by maintaining a humid environment around the wound. These dressings come with haemostatic properties that release calcium ion when the dressing comes in contact with body fluids. It helps clean the wound bacteria that by trapping the bacteria in the gel formed by exudate and then removes them when the dressing is changed.

Benefits of Cutimed Alginate Dressing

  • Easy to cut that can exactly fit the wound size
  • Holds high integrity when wet
  • Comes off easily from the wound
  • Maintains a moist environment around the wound
  • Fast gelling and highly absorbent
  • Retains exudates in a gel form
  • Hold excellent integrity when wet


Where to use the Cutimed Alginate Dressing?

  • Ideally used on moderate to heavily to exuding wounds
  • Can also be applied on lesions with rough edges
  • Used on chronic wounds such as ulcers
  • Can be put on acute would like abrasions and lacerations


Where not to use Cutimed Alginate Dressing?

  • Should not be used for wounds which are bleeding heavily
  • Should not be used on wounds that have exposed blood vessels


Precautions to be taken while using Cutimed Alginate Dressing

  • Should be changed after a maximum of 7 days unless the exudate capacity is reached
  • Do not let the dressing stick to the skin
  • Watch for irritation or damage


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