Alginate Dressings for Wound Management of Bedridden Patients

What is an Alginate Dressing?

Alginate dressing is an absorbent wound care product containing sodium and calcium fibers derived from seaweed. It usually comes as flat dressing to place over open ulcers, and rope dressing for packing the wound to absorb fluid and expedite healing process with pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, or diabetic foot ulcers.

A single alginate dressing is capable of absorbing up to 20 times of its original weight. It is easy to use and takes the shape of wound that helps ensure that the fluid is absorbed effectively and the wound is drained properly. Alginate dressing is perfect for areas where it is usually typical to dress like heels and sacral areas.

Alginate Dressings Alginate Dressings

How do Alginate Dressing Work?

Alginate dressing is initially dry when it is placed over an open wound and keeps getting larger or gel-filled when it draws in fluids. This helps clear out the wound, prevents it from drying, and prevents the growth of harmful bacterial, thus lowering the overall risk of infection. Alginate dressing also promotes new skin growth during the wound healing process by keeping the wound area moist and free of infection.

It supplements the wound care by practitioners in a given clinical setting by encouraging natural debridement via enzymes. It aids wound healing by removing dead and damaged skin by thus promoting a healthier wound environment. Alginate dressing helps bleeding wounds by stopping or stabilizing blood flow with the help of calcium that aids slow bleeding.


Tips for Using Alginate Dressing

  • Use only on draining wounds or those with excessive amounts of fluid
  • Dont use on wounds with little drainage
  • Watch for gel formation after absorbing fluids for faster healing
  • Dont let dressing stick to the skin
  • Watch for irritation or damage houses quality, medically graduated supplies designed to align with their determined purpose effectively. It is a popular name in the list of healthcare management supplies. Its extensive range of quality wound dressings, bandages and tapes ensure that your wound is free of injection and heals in no time. All the supplies are manufactured following industry best practices.

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