Allevyn Life Dressings

Allevyn Life is an woundcare product with all the core properties of Allevyn plus the following additional features

  • A unique shapes that fit the contours of the human body aiding dressing retention and allowing the patient to feel secure that their dressing will stay in place
  • A design that provide cushioning and protection from knocks and bumps
  • Low trauma silicone adhesive to provide minimal pain at dressing changes 
  • A super absorbent lock away core to prevent leakage of exudate
  • A change indicator to avoid unnecessary dressing changes reducing wastage
  • Masking to prevent patient embarrassment and stigma caused by exudate being obviously visiblethrough the dressing


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Allevyn Life Dressings 10.3cm x 10.3cm Pack Size10
Allevyn Life Dressings 12.9cm x 12.9cm Pack Size10
Allevyn Life Dressings 15.4cm x 15.4cm Pack Size10
Allevyn Life Dressings 21cm x 21cm Pack Size10
Allevyn Life Sacrum Dressings 17.2cm x 17.5cm Pack Size 10
Allevyn Life Sacrum Dressings 21.6cm x 23cm Pack Size 10
Allevyn Life Heel Dressings 25cm x 25.2cm Pack Size 5
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