Allevyn adhesive foam dressing is triple-layer water and bacteria-proof dressing with a hydrocellular structure that helps create a moist wound environment. It is suitable to use on moderate to high exudating wounds. The top film is made from polyurethane and its breathability enhances with exudates. The film also serves as a barrier to exogenous bacteria while its foam core has an absorption capacity for up to 7 days. It is designed with a perforated wound contact layer that won’t stick to the wound and allows exudate to pass into the dressing while separating the wound and external environment to assist in preventing contamination. This triple-action low allergy adhesive technology can be used for infected and fungating wounds, ulcers like venous, arterial, diabetic, pressure, donor sites, surgical incisions, surgical excisions, and both first and second-degree burns. It has profiled dressing edges that ensure it remains in place.