Softpore Dressings 6cm x 7cm Pack Size 60


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Product Name: Softpore Dressings
Size: 6cm x 7cm
Pack Size: 60
Softpore Dressings are a reliable and versatile wound care solution. With a size of 6cm x 7cm, these dressings offer adequate coverage for wounds of various sizes. The pack contains 60 individually wrapped dressings, ensuring a sufficient supply for multiple wound changes. Softpore Dressings are made from a soft and breathable material that allows for air circulation while providing effective wound protection. They have a low-adherent surface that minimizes trauma during dressing changes, making them suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. Softpore Dressings are highly absorbent, effectively managing exudate and promoting optimal wound healing. They are ideal for use on a variety of wounds, including cuts, grazes, and surgical incisions. Softpore Dressings provide gentle and comfortable wound care management.

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