Biosorb Dressings

BIOSORB Dressings create an optimal environment for wound healing. When Biosorb Dressings come into contact with wound exudate, the absorbent dressing forms a gel which creates a moist wound environment. This environment is conducive to autolytic debridement and supporting the healing process. Through the gel formation, any wound debris that is retained inside the Fiber dressing, may be removed when the dressing is changed.The high absorption of exudate into the Fiber dressing protects the wound edge, thus supporting the healing process. It's unique construction is designed for intact removal making dressing changes less painful.
Biosorb dressings are suitable for moderate to heavily exuding wounds and can be used under compression. 

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Directions For Use

Site Preparation: Clean the wound carefully. The skin surrounding the wound should be clean and dry.

Dressing Application:

  • The size of the dressing should be selected and cut as necessary to overlap the wound edges by approximately 1cm. Keep the product away from the wound while cutting it to size.
  • Place the dressing on the moist wound, overlapping the wound edges by approximately 1cm. If there is a low amount of exudate present, moisten the dressing with sterile physiological saline solution (0.9%).
  • For deep wounds, use the ribbon variant. Pack wounds lightly, leaving approximately 2.5cm overlapping the wound edges to facilitate removal.
  • Apply a suitable secondary dressing to keep the product in place.

Dressing Change and Removal:
The dressing should be changed when medically indicated (e.g. when the dressing has reached its absorbent capacity or when good wound care practice dictates a change is needed). The interval between changes should be no more than 7 days. Should the dressing adhere to wounds with lower exudate levels, moisten it with sterile physiological saline solution (0.9%) before changing the dressing so that the healing process is not disturbed. Any gel residue on the wound should be removed when cleansing the wound. Deep wounds in particular should be well irrigated. Dispose in accordance with local guidance. Reapplication or continual use should not exceed 30 days unless under specific medical supervision.

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