Biatain Soft Hold Dressings 5cm x 7cm Pack Size 5


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Product Name: Biatain Soft Hold Dressings
Size: 5cm x 7cm
Pack Size: 5
Biatain Soft Hold Dressings are innovative foam dressings designed for effective wound management. With a size of 5cm x 7cm, these dressings offer precise coverage for small to medium-sized wounds. The pack contains 5 individually wrapped dressings, ensuring convenience and sterility during application. Biatain Soft Hold Dressings are made from a soft and flexible foam material that conforms comfortably to the wound bed. The dressings feature a gentle adhesive border that securely holds them in place without causing skin irritation. They are highly absorbent, effectively managing exudate while maintaining a moist wound environment conducive to healing. Biatain Soft Hold Dressings provide optimal cushioning and protection for the wound, reducing the risk of trauma and promoting faster healing. They are suitable for a wide range of wounds, including ulcers, pressure injuries, and surgical wounds. Trust Biatain Soft Hold Dressings for reliable and comfortable wound care.

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