The UrgoKtwo kitis a two-layer compression system that evenly distributes pressure between dynamic bandages. It features the PresSure system (pressure indicator) to provide the correct level of pressure all over the area. The first layer gives reliable compression with maximum comfort. Its second layer holds this system in place and prevents accidental slippage.

Key Benefits of UrgoKtwo kit:

  • It facilitates good absorption of exudate from wounds.
  • Uniform pressure avoids the application of high pressure and protects bony prominences.
  • Uniformly distributed pressure enhances the healing rates of wounds.
  • The pressure is maintained for nearly seven days.

How to Use the UrgoKtwo kit?

Clean the wound and apply the dressing. Inspect the legs for pressure-sensitive areas. Apply the layers of the compression system following the appropriate pressure from the PresSure indicator.


The UrgoKtwo kitcan be used in the following ways:

  • The therapeutic pressure facilitates the treatment of active and healed venous leg ulcers and other symptoms associated with it.
  • It is also indicated for venous oedema and lymphoedema as these ulcers require uniform compression.


  • Do not use it over arterial ulcers or known arterial conditions.
  • Do not use it on patients allergic to any of its components.
  • It should not be used on patients suffering from diabetic microangiopathy, septic thrombosis, and ischaemic phlebitis.

Size available

  • 18-25 cm (10 cm)
  • 25-32 cm (10 cm)
  • 18-25 cm (10 cm) Latex Free
  • 25-32 cm (10 cm) Latex Free

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