Numerous compounds and materials can help speed up the wound healing process. Silver, for instance, is a popular antimicrobial agent that prevents or reduces the risk of infection, while alginate dressings are designed for heavily exuding wounds. Hydrofiber is another well-known and used extensively in Aquacel dressings.

The advantages of using Aquacel dressings for wounds

  • Absorb exudate

Hydrofibertechnology is based heavily on a sodium carboxymethylcellulose hydrocolloid fibre material. It forms a gel upon contact with a wound. This mechanism allows it to manage fluid well, effectively absorbing exudatea fluid made of cells, proteins, and solid materials, commonly known as pus.

Hydrofiber helps lock in exudate and protect the skin, maintaining moisture and balance in the wound bed. Moisture plays a significant role in wound healing, promoting re-epithelialisation and reducing scar formation, and as a result, Aquacel helps speed up the wound healing process.

  • Minimise the risk of infections

Whats great about Hydrofiber technology is that it is soft and absorbent, transforming into a gel upon contact with exudate through a mechanism called micro-contouring.

This process helps minimise the dead space between the wound and the environment, which, in turn, prevents bacteria from growing. In addition, some Aquacel dressings, such as the Aquacel Ag dressing, combines Hydrofiber technology with ionic silver. This allows the treatment to provide antimicrobial activity, minimising the risk of bacterial infection.

Aquacel Hydrofiber dressings also prevent cross-infection during removal and reduce maceration.

  • Promote the healing of a wide range of wounds

Hydrofiber technology offers a unique solution to wound treatment, taking advantage of moisture to promote healing, providing dressing conformability to the wound bed, and ensuring effective fluid management.

Due to this, Aquacel dressings with Hydrofiber can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, the product is most suitable for diabetic, leg and pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, and traumatic wounds.

Be sure to obtain your Aquacel dressings from a trusted supplier offering MHRA-licensed brands and products to guarantee their quality and effectiveness.