As a part of treatment and care for different injuries, medical tape and bandages have been used in the biomedical industry for ages. These bandages and tapes; come in different types and shapes for meeting the needs and requirements of the medical industry. We will discuss some important details that one should know about tapes and bandages used in the medical industry.

What are The Different Types of Medical Tapes and Bandages?

When it comes to medical tape and bandages, there are different types. These might be smaller and more replaceable than other medical tools and apparatus, but dont be mistaken as they are equally important. Different types of tapes and bandages used in the hospitals and medical care centres are:

  • Simple Plastic Tape for medical uses
  • Surgical Adhesive Tapes
  • Permeable Synthetic Adhesive tape
  • Soft Silicone Fixation Tape
  • Zinc Oxide tape

Essentials To Know About Medical Tape and Bandages

Regarding the application of medical tape and bandages, different factors come into action that might influence the particular type that you will be selecting. Bandages and medical tapes; should be chosen based on; the injury, skin sensitivity, and skin integrity of the patient. Some patients might be allergic to certain adhesives in the tape, so proper research is important. The site of application must be properly evaluated before applying the tape. In case any external elements need cleaning, one should thoroughly check that the application site is cleaned well before applying the bandage in the first place.

Also, Adhesive tape shouldnt be used directly over the wound without dressing first. In the case of secondary dressing, it is advisable to have 1 inch of bandage tape on the sides of the dressing for proper adhering.