Clinipore tape is permeable and is designed for use by both patients and medical professionals. It is a permeable non-woven synthetic adhesive tape that conforms to drug tariff specifications. Hypoallergenic in nature, this dressing is Latex-free, easy to tear. Besides, it is comfortable to use that makes it ideal for securing dressings on awkward areas of the body.

Key Benefits of Using Clinipore Tape

Hypoallergenic and Latex-free tape

  • Easy to use even when gloves are on

  • Easy to tear

  • Very comfortable with high-durability

  • Suitable for application on moist skin

  • Ideal for buddy strapping to immobilise finger or toes

  • Available in 1.2cm, 2.50cm and 5.0cm width sizes

When to use Clinipore Tape

  • Keeping dressing in place.

  • Securing ostomy appliances.

  • Fastening lightweight tubing

  • Taping over fragile and sensitive skin.

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