Popular Surgical Tapes at Wound-Care

Surgical tapes come to a rescue during all sorts of situations, and different types of medical tapes are used for different applications. Wound Care offers a wide assortment of surgical tapes for bandage retention and dressing.
You can choose from - Latex-free tapes, hypoallergenic tapes, permeable non-woven synthetic tapes, occlusive transparent tapes, silicone tapes, transparent waterproof tapes, and more. Look at some popular medical tapes given below:

Blenderm is a latex free rubber Surgical Tape. It has hypoallergenic properties that make it an occlusive tape suitable for patients with sensitive skin too. It has been medically designed to create a barrier between the wound and external fluids. Being waterproof, it protects the wound against external moisture at the same time ensuring that it prevents the wound contamination. Being transparent it allows easy monitoring of the healing process. This medical tape is flexible.

Micropore is a latex free Surgical Tape - hypoallergenic ' paper ' tape most ideal for fragile and sensitive skin. It is very easy to tear for quick and easy application. It is perfect to secure dressings and other medical devices.


  • Breathable
  • Sticks to Skin perfectly
  • Gentle on skin


  • Taping sensitive skin
  • Allows easy labeling

Other Surgical Tapes available at Wound Care

  • Clinipore
  • Hypafix
  • Leukopor
  • Mefix
  • Mepitac
  • Omnifix
  • OpSite Flexifix
  • Scanpore
  • Siltape
  • Strappal

At Wound-Care, you can avail surgical tapes from all the popular major brands such as Blenderm, OpSite Flexifix, Omnifix, and Hypafix. Explore the online portal at wound-care.co.uk for the various sizes and select the medical tape that is best suitable for you.

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