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  • Medihoney Dressing-A Fast Wound Healer

    What Is Medihoney Dressing?

    It is a type of dressing which aids in wound healing. It is mainly made up of Leptospermum honey in a hydrocolloidal suspension. It is thicker in nature and gives more stability. Aids in the removal of necrotic tissue. The time taken to heal is effectively less than other wound dressings. It has been used in the healing process since centuries. Honey was used in the World Wars to cure the soldiers of their wounds. But now, this has been modified using leptospermum species to make it more efficient.


    The benefits of Honey dressings are as follows:

    • Assists in the healing progress of such wounds which have eventually stalled
    • Develops a moisture conducive environment, making the wound heal faster
    • Prominently effective even in the presence of blood, tissue and wound fluid
    • Autolytics debridement is promoted by high osmolarity
    • Lowers the overall pH of the wound
    • Helps in the overall

    Where Can It Be Applied?

    Medihoney dressing can be applied in the following places:

    • Wounds which are undermined or are tunnelled
    • Some of the wounds which need paste or gel and those which are hard-to-dress
    • Can be used after, during or before the application of negative pressure
    • Applied in the areas which are hard to reach
    • Cures dry to moderately exuding wounds such as pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers
    • First and second-degree partial burns can be attended using this thick dressing.
    • Traumatic and surgical wounds can also be healed effectively using this piece of dressing

    It Comes in the Following Forms:

    • Medihoney Medical Honey 20g Tube
    • Medihoney Medical Honey 50g Tube
    • Medihoney Dressings 10cm x 10cm Tulle Pack Size 10


    • Those who tend to have an allergy towards honey should strictly avoid this dressing
    • People getting third-degree burns should clearly consult a healthcare professional, rather than using this dressing by themselves
    • Beware of the sting after this dressing is applied. It is normal to feel stinging in the starting but if does not stop after using analgesic, then remove the dressing and cleanse the wounded area

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  • MediHoney Gel Sheet Dressings- For The Treatment Of Mild To Exuding Wounds

    A non-adherent dressing which is suitable for mild to moderately exuding wounds. It enables the necrotic issues to be removed and helps in the wound healing. It allows the wound to be healed in a shorter span of time as it provides more stability

    What is MediHoney Gel?

    MediHoney is a gel sheet which is a wound and burn dressing which contains 20% sodium alginate and 80% medihoney. It promotes a moisture balanced environment which enables for an immediate healing. It also has an optional accessory applicator tip which helps to reach the gel to reach tougher areas. The MediHoney Gel comes in :

    • MediHoney Dressings 5cm x 5cm Gel Sheet Pack Size 10
    • MediHoney Dressings 10cm x 10cm Gel Sheet Pack Size 10


    Benefits of MediHoney Gel

    • Has high osmolarity which promotes autolytics debridement
    • It works effectively with wounded healing
    • Helps to lower overall wound pH
    • It is non-toxic, natural, and is also safe to apply
    • Promotes effective healing
    • Maintains effectiveness even in the presence of wound fluid, blood and tissue

    Where to use MediHoney Gel?

    • It can be used in wounds ranging from mild to exuding such as diabetic food ulcers and leg ulcers
    • Suitable tool for applying on first- and second- degree partial burns
    • Effective on traumatic and surgical wounds

    Where not to use MediHoney Gel?

    • Should not be applicable to patients who are sensitive towards honey or sodium alginate


    • Some patients, while applying the gel may experience stinging. If the stinging does not stop and consists to persist, then the dressing should be removed and cleaned properly. This happens because of the high osmolarity. This can be easily handled using absorptive dressing

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