Wound Care with Hydrocolloid Dressing

Skin wounds take time to heal and a right wound treatment makes all the differences between a quick recovery and a prolonged healing. Hydrocolloid dressing is one such tool that efficiently helps open wounds to heal faster.

This unique design dressing is the widely used modern dressing in the recent times. It is intended to create moist wound environment, hence improving the granulation tissue formation with its self-adhesive, pliable, absorbent and waterproof properties. It comes with gel forming agent that is capable of absorbing low to moderate levels of discharge from the wound. Whether you have a dry wound or sloughy wound or a necrotic wound, this dressing is sure to work as a catalyst in healing the wounds.

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Points To Remember Whilst Using A Hydrocolloid Dressing:
Every dressing comes with certain measures that ensure the best results, Hydrocolloid dressing is no different. In order to promote the wound healing process, it is important to keep few things in mind as you apply this dressing. And they are critical for a quick recovery of a wound.

1) When to use hydrocolloid dressing
The hydrocolloid dressing is best suggested for granular and necrotic wounds, as it protects newly healed skin. Wounds with low to moderate drainage and partial or full thickness have shown fast healing as compared to others.

2) When not to use hydrocolloid dressing
It is strongly recommended not to use the hydrocolloid dressing on clinically infected wounds, full thickness burns, exposed bone or tendon, deep narrow sinuses, wounds with poor vascularization and ulcer wounds resulting from diabetes, tuberculosis, syphilis or fungal infection.

3) Provide moist wound environment
The hydrocolloid dressing is manufactured with gelling action and they retain a certain amount of moisture under the dressing. Hence, it is suggested to maintain moist environment to promote wound healing. This environment helps the hydrocolloid to prevent dehydration of tissue and subsequent cell death and, at the same time, promote growth of new blood vessels, eventually removing all the dead tissues.

4) Easy to Remove
Hydrocolloid is easy to remove, but if you are already in pain, it is suggested to choose a hydrocolloid dressing that does not have an adhesive barrier for convenient dressing removal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of hydrocolloid dressing

Like everything, hydrocolloid dressing comes with its share of advantages as well as disadvantages discussed below:

A) Advantages of Hydrocolloid Dressing

The manufactures of hydrocolloid dressing kept few things in mind in order to make the healing process faster and smoother. Some of the benefits of this dressing are:

a) It offers impermeable protection against the bacteria and other outside invaders
b) Adheres only to the surrounding skin of the wound
c) Can be used in conjunction along with venous compression products
d) You need to change it only once every several days

B) Disadvantages of hydrocolloid Dressing

Although hydrocolloid dressing is the most preferred dressing these days, it still has some drawbacks that every user should know:

a) It dislodges in the case of heavy exudates
b) Opaque layer of dressing makes wound assessment quite difficult
c) May cause hyper granulation
d) Also, there are chances that the skin around the wound may begin to macerate

C) Now lets us talk about how the hydrocolloid dressing is used:

It is suggested to consult your clinician before you apply the hydrocolloid dressing. However, the general applying procedure is:

a) Clean the wound properly with saline solution
b) Dry the skin around the wound with sterile gauze
c) Remove the paper carrier and apply on the target are with a rolling motion while smoothing out the edges
d) Frame it with the tape if needed

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