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Being a well-known name in the healthcare management world, we at Wound-care strive to provide you with a service level that is second to none. A leading online retailer for an array of medical dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery, etc. we stock the most comprehensive range of wound-care products. Browse our official website and check out the medical care products for your requirement.

Few of them have been listed below:

  • Dressings

At wound-care you can select from an extensive range of dressings. Right from hydrocolloid dressings to honey dressings, charcoal dressings, polyurethane foam, dressings and many more, we have all available at one place.

Dressings are essential in healing various kinds of wounds. Be it infected wounds, non-infected wounds, highly exuding wounds, burns, abrasions, cuts, etc., we at wound-care ensure speedy recovery of all your major and minor wounds.
It is crucial to look for a suitable dressing as the comprehensive range of dressings we stock, performs different functions depending on the type of wound it is applied to. The Mepitel Dressings are ideal for diabetic, arterial ulcers, etc. Similarly, Kaltostat Dressings are apt for both acute and chronic wounds.

  • Bandages

Bandages makes life easier for one and all. It helps in supporting dressings or splints. This mandatory item in every first aid kit is available extensively at wound-care. Be it the Actico bandage or the basic Clinifast, Clinilite, or Easifix bandages , can help in providing relief from minor sprains, injuries etc. We also stock a range of Multi-layer compression bandages and Kits such as Profore and UrgoKtwo and tubular bandages such as Tubigrip and Tubifast
Check out an eclectic range of bandages at wound-care.

  • Surgical Tapes

When it comes to providing pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, surgical tapes come to the fore. Offering a comfortable grip to your wounds covered with bandages, these tapes make sure your skin does not suffer any maceration. You can use them to fix swabs, dressings, catheters, tube etc.

Wound-care introduces a wide range of skin friendly surgical tapes. We have Mepitac, Mefix, Micropore, Omnifix, Scanpore to name a few. Most of them are easy to remove and provide utmost support to your dressings etc.

  • Compression Hoisery

We need hosiery to reduce risks of ulcers, prevent the recurrence of thrombosis, and mostly to regularize the circulation of blood in the legs. These can come in a range of 10mmHg to 35mmHg.

At wound-care we have compression hosiery in various sizes and colors as per your comfort. If Activa Class 1 Below Knee Stockings provide treatment of superficial and earlier varicose veins and varicosis during pregnancy, then Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Open Toe Stockings prevents you from leg ulcers, mild oedema and varicosis during pregnancy. We have for you the best-selling products at wound-care. Check our site for more details.

When you have the best around why look for alternatives? With best reviews from our regular clients, we are here to guide you on every step. Connect with us at wound-care.co.uk and procure all your wound-care requirements at one stop. Delivering globally, with the majority of order being dispatched within 1-2 working days , we accept Pounds, Euros, and Dollars too.We supply clinics and hospitals Worldwide - contact us for wholesale and export pricing. Choose Wound-care for choice and service !

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