Tubifast Bandage Tubular Retention Dressings

What is Tubifast Bandage?

Tubifast bandage is a 2-way stretch bandage that is completely light-weight. It is used for dressing retention and covering skin on any part of the body. Tubifast bandages are worlds first and only elasticated tubular bandages till date that stretch two ways. These facilitate both radial and longitudinal stretch, making it a preferred choice of clinicians over the world.

You can utilize Tubifast tubular bandage for patch wrapping as well as under-cast stockinette. It is relatively quick and offers greater ease of use without wearing out comparing to other tubular bandages.

How Tubifast Bandage work?

Tubifast bandage is made of viscose material with ultra-fine elastane threads woven into the fabric. The radial and longitudinal knitted threads impart its elasticity. Tubifast bandage holds the dressing securely without constricting or compressing the affected area. Its application doesnt require any pins or tapes.

Tubigrip Bandages

The unique stretch feature liberates the patient of complete freedom and movement of the affected part for comfort. This is perfect for use in joints where higher movement is required. It snugly fits over all wound types and limbs irrespective of the size and shape.

What are the benefits of Tubifast Bandage?

Tubifast bandages unique elasticity feature makes it a preferred choice of clinicians worldwide. It stretches radially and longitudinally without constricting or compressing the wound at all, making it easy and painless for the patient. The two way stretch feature allows patients the added benefit of movement and freedom of limbs and joints.

Tubular bandages are available in a variety of size options that minimizes the waste thus making it cost-effective. It is quick and easy to apply by simply cutting it to the required size and stretching the dressing for optimum fit without any compression.

Tubifast bandages are available in color-coded varieties each referring to its specific feature and use. This makes it easy to identify and refer. The multiple variants of tubular bandages fit from small limbs to adult trunks.

It keeps the wound free of excess fiber as it has less fray.

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