Manage High Exuding Wounds with Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressings

What is Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing?

Tegaderm Superabsorber dressingabsorbs and retains wounds from moderate to high exudate, even under compression. It helps to prevent maceration of the wound edges and can work as both primary and secondary dressing. The sterile dressing acts as a barrier between the wound and external contaminants like bacteria and protects clothing and bandage from contamination.

Tegaderm super absorber dressings super absorption and high exudate retention features elevate patients comfort with fewer disruptions.

Tegaderm Dressing Highlights

  • Vertical wicking layer
  • Barrier backing
  • Comfortable and smooth contact layer
  • Highly absorbent core

Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Features

Tegaderm superabsorber dressingsare extremely effective at managing moderate to high exudate wounds. The following are its features:

  • Requires less frequent dressing changes being highly absorbent in nature; reduces cost and frequent dressing changes
  • Keeps the wound environment moist
  • Rapid Vertical wicking helps remove the exudate away from the skin surface
  • Elevates patients comfort

Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Benefits

Tegaderm superabsorber dressingprovides a protective backing that repels external fluids while catching all the wound exudate in its superabsorbent polymers. It prevents bandages and external clothes from getting contaminated. Its vertical wicking layer, through rapid wicking, traps exudate into its superabsorbent polymers without letting them leak.

Tegaderm superabsorber dressingfeatures a super absorbent core that catches the exudate vertically, thus protecting the wound edges from maceration. Its superabsorbent sodium polyacrylate gelling polymers are effective in retaining exudate even under compression.

Its conformable contact layer helps protect fragile tissues and elevates patients comfort. Its Porous polypropylene wound contact layer is specifically and thoughtfully designed for softness, comfort, and conformability.

Suggested Applications of Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Benefits

  • Acts as a primary or secondary dressing for effective management of moderate to high exuding wounds with partial or full thickness
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Diabetic or Neuropathic foot ulcers
  • Dehisced surgical wounds

Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Shouldnt Be Applied On:

  • Dry or low exuding wounds
  • Eyes
  • Mucous membranes
  • Tendons or wound cavities
  • Persons with known sensitivity to the dressings

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