Kerramax CareTM : The Uk’s No 1 Super Absorbant Dressing

KerraMax Care provides the best possible care in terms of the dressing of wounds quite effectively. It has developed a technology to absorb fluid from the wound, minimizing both discomfort and the number of dressing changes for the patient. KerraMax Care dressings are also available with an adhesive border

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Key features of KerraMax Dressings:

•    Unique Wicking Action
KerraMax dressings differ from other dressings with its consistent wicking effect for more absorption capacity. This reduces frequent dressing change, with lesser disturbance to wound and consequently decreased pain for the patient.

•    Locking in Exudate
KerraMax Care locks potentially unhealthy exudate, including bacteria and MMPs, that keeps the wound dry and avoids unwanted leakage. Further, it prevents maceration and surrounding skin problems and improves comfort , reduces odour and promoted healing.

•    The Health Economics
Apart from many other reasons to choose KerraMax dressings, reasonable pricing of products is also compelling.

KerraMax Care Dressings
KerraMax Care dressings are the protease modulating Superabsorbent dressing. It absorbs exudate and MMPs and bounds the dressing with no leakage or dripping. The dressing is comfortable and soft that make it patient-friendly. The stackable dressing can be multilayered in case of extra wet wounds. It is ideal for moderate compression bandaging. It is available in 6 different sizes.

KerraMax Care Border Dressings
KerraMax Care Border Dressings feature an advanced adhesive edge to secure the dressing in place without the need for a retention bandage. It can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. The principle attribute being that it maintains the integrity even when the dressing is heavily soaked in exudates. The border dressing is available in three different sizes.

Facts you Must Know
•    Either side of the dressing can be placed on to the wound, thereby reducing the margin of error and maximizing the usage.
•    KerraMax Care is suitable for use under all forms of compression.
•    The super-absorbent gel layer offers superior bacterial sequestration that might prove to be the biggest barrier to healing.

KerraMax Care serves happy customers with safer dressing products with a gentle vision to better care. Improve your patient’s quality of life by using KerraMax Care products that assures easy dressing methods with decreased risk of skin maceration.

KerraMax Care delivers super-absorbent dressings and border dressings that help to improve patient comfort, reduce odor and promotes healing. The consistent wicking feature provides greater absorption capacity and locks away unhealthy exudates. At , both Kerramax Care and Kerramax Care Border are available in a range of sizes.

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