Flivasorb Dressings Superabsorbent Wound Dressings for Highly Exuding Wounds

Flivasorb Dressings- Superabsorbent Wound Dressings for highly exuding wounds

Flivasorb Dressings have super absorbent properties as they can absorb twice as much as any other dressing. They are non-adherent and retain the high exudate, including high levels of harmful protease enzymes that are carried in chronic wound exudate. The Flivasorb Dressings are available at Wound-Care in two different categories to treat and cure all highly exuding wounds such as ulcers, lymphorrhoea, etc.

Flivasorb Dressings

What are Flivasorb Dressings?

The superabsorbent Flivasorb Dressings consist of a flexible and non-adherent wound layer along with polyacrylate/cellulose core and breathable polypropylene outer layer. The sodium polyacrylate superabsorber particles and cellulose lock away exudate and bacteria. With an outer white wound contact layer and blue outer-clothing protection layer, these dressings do not require any additional fixation. These dressings are available in two types:

    • Flivasorb Dressings- As this dressing has a very high absorption capacity, the patient does not require to change their dressings often. Comprising a non-adherent polyethylene wound contact layer with a sodium polyacrylate particles absorbent core and a cellulose that form a gel on contact with exudate, this dressing can be used under compression. Flivasorb Dressings are ideal for use on heavily exuding wounds like ulcer, laparotomy wounds, etc.
    • Flivasorb Adhesive Dressings- Flivasorb Adhesive Dressings consist of an adhesive border and hence require no additional fixation. The dressing is quite similar to a normal flivasorb dressing, but is particularly useful for difficult-to-dress anatomical areas that require secondary fixation, for example sacrum and groin.

Benefits of Flivasorb Dressings

    • The superabsorbent capacity to absorb and retain wound exudate.
    • Gel formation traps unwanted components of the exudate such as bacteria, proteases, and inflammatory mediators within the dressing.
    • The dressings can be used to excellent effect under compression bandages and prevents the wound margins from maceration, thereby promoting wound healing.
    • Absorbent core with super absorber, which can absorb up to 20 times weight, thereby providing an extended wear time. Hence, saving cost and time with fewer dressing changes.
    • Reduces the risk of adhering to the wound and comes with clothing protection.

Where to use Flivasorb Dressings?

    • The Flivasorb Dressings are suitable to be used on moderate to high exuding wounds like leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, laparotomy wounds, superficial and partial-thickness burns and post-operative wounds healing by secondary intention.
    • The dressings can also be applied in the case of lymphorrhoea and leaky legs.
    • The dressings are safe to use under compression.

Where not to use Flivasorb Dressings?

    • The Flivasorb Dressings are not suitable for lightly exuding wounds
    • Avoid using these as a primary dressing on tracking fistulae or deep tunneling wounds.

Precautions to be taken before using Flivasorb Dressings

    • Do not cut or tear the Flivasorb Dressings.
    • Do not use alone on infected wounds, but in conjunction with an antimicrobial dressing

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