Flivasorb Dressings Superabsorbent Wound Dressing

What is Flivasorb Dressing?

Flivasorb dressingsdressing is super absorbent, wound dressing that is low-sensitivity with a non-adhesive white wound contact layer. It features a highly absorbent gelling fiber core and an outer polypropylene layer that is breathable. Flivasorb dressings superabsorbent nature lets it absorb twice as much as the traditionally absorbent dressings.


Flivasorb dressing is applied at highly exuding wounds that are challenging to treat like leg ulcers. This dressing, once applied, manages the wound appropriately to prevent further damage to the wound and the surrounding area.

Key Benefits of Flivasorb Dressings

Flivasorb dressings is an effective and skin-friendly superabsorbent dressing that works under compression to optimize the healing potential. Few of the Flivasorb dressing benefits are:

  • Highly effective in absorbing and retaining highly exuding wounds
  • Comes with extended wear time, saving on repeated dressing time and cost
  • Acts as a barrier locking away harmful bacteria and proteases, thus optimizing the healing process
  • Improves peri-wound skin by protecting against maceration
  • Enhances the ultimate quality of life in patients

Flivasorb Dressing Indications

Flivasorb dressings are indicated for the management of heavily exuding wounds in the following conditions:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Various origin leg ulcers as venous, diabetic or arterial
  • Laparotomy wounds
  • Post-surgical wounds
  • Fistulas
  • Superficial semi-thick burns
  • Wet leaky legs, lymphorrea

Can Flivasorb be applied on Infected Wounds?

Flivasorb dressing is primarily designed for exudate management, which is why it retains some pathogens in the dressings rather than killing them. Application of Flivasorb dressing solely over infected wounds or critically colonized ones is not recommended.

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