Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings- Hydrocolloid Dressing for Low Exudate Wounds

The Comfeel Plus Dressings have smart pores that help regulate the moisture environment of the wound. These are thin and flexible solution for sealing and protecting wounds. WoundCare brings to you Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings and many more to provide you relief from cuts, burns, injuries, and wounds of all types.

comfeel plus dressings

What are Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings?

Comfeel Plus Dressings are non-adhesive and have a thin semipermeable polyurethane top film. These form a viscous gel that absorbs exudate on coming in contact with it. However, these do not adhere to the wound. As these are transparent these aids wound measurement. These can be used for management of no-to-low exuding chronic wounds and superficial acute wounds in the final stages of wound healing.

Benefits of Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings:-

1) Conforms and Flexes with the body’s natural contours

2) Self-regulates moisture levels with expanding and contracting pores

3) Protects nerve endings and sensitive tissues and does not contain alginate

4) It is transparent and hence the process of healing can be monitored closely without being disturbed

5) Has balance adhesive formulation allowing for gentle removal

6) These are not made of natural rubber latex and does not leave behind any residue

7) Keeps bacteria and water from entering the wound due to semi-permeable top film

8) Can stay on wounds for more than 7 days

Where to use Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings?

1) Wounds with no or low exudate

2) Pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, superficial burns, superficial partial-thickness burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds, skin tears, and skin abrasions

3) Can be used as a protection against epithelialized tissue or as a secondary dressing

Where not to use Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings?

1) Not to be used for third-degree burns

2) Do not use on exposed muscle, tendon or bone

3) Not for use on deep, partial-thickness or full-thickness burns
Precautions to be taken before using Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings

4) These dressings must be removed prior to radiation treatment (X-rays, ultrasonic treatment, diathermy, and microwaves)

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