Actiformcool Dressings- Definite Solution for Painful Wounds

Actiformcool dressings are non-adhesive dressing which acts according to the wound type. These ionic hydrogel sheet dressings absorb and releases fluid, depending on the moisture level of the wound, in order to maintain the moisture level required for the healing of the wound. This sensitive dressing is permeable to water vapour thereby creating optimal conditions for wound healing. In order to know more about Actiformcool Dressings, get in touch with Wound Care. We assure to keep you updated with the eclectic range of dressings and other health solutions for quick recoveries.

What are Actiformcool Dressings?

Actiformcool dressings are dressings that consist hydrogel solution and are beneficial for all kinds of painful wounds. These are ideal for use on moderate to highly exuding wounds. These are non-adhesive, but as these are made of hydrogel, the water content is high and is permeable to water vapour, gases and small protein molecules. However, these do not let any kind of bacteria to creep into the wounds. Consisting low sensitizing preservatives, these create a moist environment on the surface of the wound, thus expediting the healing process. Also, these are safe to use on neonates.

actiformcool dressings Benefits of Actiformcool Dressings

a) Permeable- As these permeate water vapour, gases and small protein molecules, the Actiformcool dressings fasten the recovery period.
b) Hydrogel Solution- The ionic hydrogel sheets provide a moist environment on the wound surface and can both absorb and release fluids depending on the wound type.
c) Safe to Use on Neonates-Though these are permeable, but Actiformcool dressings do not permeate any kind of bacteria and being low in preservatives are safe to use on infants too.
d) Cures a wide range of wounds- Not only burns and scalds, but these dressings reduce the amount of oral analgesia and Manages Nociceptive wound pains.

Where to use Actiformcool Dressings?

a) Suitable for use on dry, necrotic wounds to rehydrate the wound and provide a moist healing environment.
b) Helpful in providing relief to all painful wounds and skin conditions such as leg ulcers, radiation therapy damage, pressure necrosis and exposed tendons, burns and scalds.

These can be used on nociceptive pains and also reduces the amount of oral analgesia.

a) Actiformcool dressings are safe to use on babies.
b) Can be used with secondary dressings wherever required.
c) Can be used on infected wounds as long as the patient is receiving systemic antibiotics.

Where not to use Actiformcool Dressings?

a) These should not be used as a covering for deep, narrow cavities or sinuses.
b) Do not use on patients sensitive to any of the components of the dressing.
c) Not suitable for highly exuding wounds where there is danger of maceration to the surrounding skin.

Precautions to be taken before using Actiformcool Dressings.

a) Actiformcool Dressings should be stored in dry conditions and should be protected from direct sunlight.
b) In case of any kind of irritation, consult a medical professional.
c) Change your dressing if it turns opaque or discoloured.

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