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  • Aquacel Foam Dressings- Waterproof Film for Chronic and Acute Wounds

    A waterproof dressing like Aquacel foam is an effective solution to treat infected to low as well as heavy exuding wounds. It forms a protective layer on the wound to prevent it from infection and supports healing.

    What is Aquacel Foam?

    Aquacel Foam is a multilayer dressing that consists of a waterproof polyurethane outer film and soft absorbent pad. This pad consists of a polyurethane foam that absorbs excess moisture to minimize the risk of maceration. Its Hydrofiber layer turns into a soft gel on contact with wound exudate to create a moist healing environment. It sticks to the surrounding skin easily with a silicone adhesive border. This effective dressing is also designed with silver to heal infected wounds. The Aquacel foam comes in:

    • Aquacel Foam Adhesive Dressings
    • Aquacel Foam Non-Adhesive Dressings
    • Aquacel Ag Foam Adhesive Dressings
    • Aquacel Ag Foam Non-Adhesive Dressings

    Benefits of Aquacel Foam

    • Waterproof film shields against bacterial infection
    • Creates a soft gel to promote healing
    • Absorbs exudate and excess moisture to keep the patient clean
    • Ensures painless application and removal
    • Effective under compression

    Where to use Aquacel Foam?

    • Helps in treating exuding wounds
    • Use it on shallow wounds as a primary dressing
    • Ideal to treat diabetic foot, infected wounds, palliative wounds, pressure ulcers, sloughy wounds, superficial wounds, surgical wounds, and venous ulcers

    Where not to use Aquacel Foam?

    • People with sensitive skin should not use it
    • Not suitable for individuals who are allergic to dressing

    Precautions to be taken before using Aquacel Foam

    • Suitable for single use only
    • There is a risk of infection due to its re-use
    • It is recommended to wear it for 7 days at maximum

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  • Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings- Hydrocolloid Dressing for Low Exudate Wounds

    The Comfeel Plus Dressings have smart pores that help regulate the moisture environment of the wound. These are thin and flexible solution for sealing and protecting wounds. WoundCare brings to you Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings and many more to provide you relief from cuts, burns, injuries, and wounds of all types.

    comfeel plus dressings

    What are Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings?

    Comfeel Plus Dressings are non-adhesive and have a thin semipermeable polyurethane top film. These form a viscous gel that absorbs exudate on coming in contact with it. However, these do not adhere to the wound. As these are transparent these aids wound measurement. These can be used for management of no-to-low exuding chronic wounds and superficial acute wounds in the final stages of wound healing.

    Benefits of Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings:-

    1) Conforms and Flexes with the body’s natural contours

    2) Self-regulates moisture levels with expanding and contracting pores

    3) Protects nerve endings and sensitive tissues and does not contain alginate

    4) It is transparent and hence the process of healing can be monitored closely without being disturbed

    5) Has balance adhesive formulation allowing for gentle removal

    6) These are not made of natural rubber latex and does not leave behind any residue

    7) Keeps bacteria and water from entering the wound due to semi-permeable top film

    8) Can stay on wounds for more than 7 days

    Where to use Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings?

    1) Wounds with no or low exudate

    2) Pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, superficial burns, superficial partial-thickness burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds, skin tears, and skin abrasions

    3) Can be used as a protection against epithelialized tissue or as a secondary dressing

    Where not to use Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings?

    1) Not to be used for third-degree burns

    2) Do not use on exposed muscle, tendon or bone

    3) Not for use on deep, partial-thickness or full-thickness burns
    Precautions to be taken before using Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings

    4) These dressings must be removed prior to radiation treatment (X-rays, ultrasonic treatment, diathermy, and microwaves)

    The Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressings are easily available online at WoundCare is the leading online retailer and delivers its customers with Continue reading

  • Allevyn Gentle Dressings- Suitable for use on Fragile Skin

    The Allevyn Gentle Dressings are the simplest and the easiest way to minimize trauma and pain while the change of dressings. Best suited in fragile and delicate areas of the body, they are available in different varieties at


    What are Allevyn Gent provide gentle adhesion every time you apply dressings on delicate areas of the body. These come handy during application under compression bandaging. At Woundcare, we have 3 different types of Allevyn dressings.

    These are as follows:

    1. Allevyn Gentle Dressings- Having soft gel adhesion, these are ideal for healing wounds on the fragile skin.

    2. Allevyn Gentle Border Dressings- These are hydrocellular dressings that have a perforated soft silicone adhesive wound contact layer and permeable waterproof outer film.

    3. Allevyn Gentle Border Lite Dressings- Ideal for light to moderately exuding wounds, these showerproof dressings comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Benefits of Allevyn Gentle Dressings

    1) Easily conforms to the curves and other awkward areas and are extremely soft and comfortable

    2) Triple action technology helps maintain a moist wound healing environment and provides optimal fluid handling

    3) Minimizes the risk of maceration to the wound and peri-wound as it has a breathable top film

    4) Easy to apply and remove and is suitable for use under compression bandaging

    5) Effective barrier preventing dressings that are gentle on the skin and are ideal for use on patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa.

    Where to use Allevyn Gentle Dressings?

    1) Use on infected, malignant, surgical wounds

    2) Can also be applied to chronic and acute exudative wounds

    3) Ideal to use on pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, and diabetic foot ulcers

    4) Allevyn gentle dressings are gentle on skin tears, fungating ulcers, donor sites etc.

    5) These can be applied to first and second-degree burns along with shallow and granulating wounds

    Where not to use Allevyn Gentle Dressings?

    1 Not to be used with oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite solutions (e.g. EUSOL) or hydrogen peroxide as these can break down the absorbent polyurethane component of the dressing Precautions to be taken before using Allevyn Gentle Dressings.

    2 In as of reddening or sensitization, one should discontinue the use of these dressings is the leading online retailer for medical dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, barrier creams etc. Get Allevyn Gentle Dressings at an affordable price online from our official website. We deliver worldwide and accept all major currencies.

  • Hydrocolloid Dressings - A Quick and an Effective Way of Healing a Wound

    Healing of a wound is both dynamic as well as a complex process. Advancement of technology in the medical industry has led to the development of more than 3000 products for treating a different type of wounds. Selecting the right kind of dressing for the wound is a crucial step towards healing it. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the type of injury, its size, location, and severity.

    Hydrocoll Dressings

    While selecting the right kind of wound healing dressing it is really important to select one with a multitude of benefits. Hydrocolloid dressings are bandage with a plethora of benefits. This wound care product works best when applied to uninfected cuts and adheres to moist and dry sites. Lets read on to some of the benefits of this dressing and see how it works on the injuries of its patients.

    Minimal Disturbance to Healing
    Unlike other type of dressings, Hydrocoll thin dressings do not require a frequent changing. These wound healing product can be applied every 3-7 days, which leaves the wound undisturbed for a longer duration. Hydrocolloid dressings also helps reduce pain and promote faster healing.

    Resistant to Bacteria
    Impermeable nature of hydrocoll thin dressings helps in reducing the risk of infection. These bandages are waterproof and thus prevent multiplication of bacterias for a faster healing of the wounds.

    Adheres Only to Intact Skin
    Hydrocoll thin dressings do not adhere to the wound but to the skin surrounding it. These dressings help in keeping the newly healed skin intact. Moisture generated beneath the dressing promotes healing and which thus prevent breakdown of tissues. Moreover, hydrocolloid dressings do not irritate the skin when removed.

    Hydrocolloid Thin Dressings has gained popularity due to their innumerable benefits. This wound care specialist assists helps in faster healing. In spite of countless benefits, we recommend you to consult a physician having a proper wound care education while using this wound care product. This is particularly important for those who are diabetic.

    Gradual advancement in medical science has revealed many healing advantages of using Hydrocoll Dressings. This blog will help you understand how honey dressing can accelerate the healing process.

  • Flivasorb Dressings Superabsorbent Wound Dressing

    What is Flivasorb Dressing?

    Flivasorb dressingsdressing is super absorbent, wound dressing that is low-sensitivity with a non-adhesive white wound contact layer. It features a highly absorbent gelling fiber core and an outer polypropylene layer that is breathable. Flivasorb dressings superabsorbent nature lets it absorb twice as much as the traditionally absorbent dressings.


    Flivasorb dressing is applied at highly exuding wounds that are challenging to treat like leg ulcers. This dressing, once applied, manages the wound appropriately to prevent further damage to the wound and the surrounding area.

    Key Benefits of Flivasorb Dressings

    Flivasorb dressings is an effective and skin-friendly superabsorbent dressing that works under compression to optimize the healing potential. Few of the Flivasorb dressing benefits are:

    • Highly effective in absorbing and retaining highly exuding wounds
    • Comes with extended wear time, saving on repeated dressing time and cost
    • Acts as a barrier locking away harmful bacteria and proteases, thus optimizing the healing process
    • Improves peri-wound skin by protecting against maceration
    • Enhances the ultimate quality of life in patients

    Flivasorb Dressing Indications

    Flivasorb dressings are indicated for the management of heavily exuding wounds in the following conditions:

    • Pressure ulcers
    • Various origin leg ulcers as venous, diabetic or arterial
    • Laparotomy wounds
    • Post-surgical wounds
    • Fistulas
    • Superficial semi-thick burns
    • Wet leaky legs, lymphorrea

    Can Flivasorb be applied on Infected Wounds?

    Flivasorb dressing is primarily designed for exudate management, which is why it retains some pathogens in the dressings rather than killing them. Application of Flivasorb dressing solely over infected wounds or critically colonized ones is not recommended. is the place to reckon if youre looking for quality healthcare products for management of surgical wounds or dressings. It is the one-stop shop to order reliable and best quality dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery for different purposes and barrier creams.

  • Manage High Exuding Wounds with Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressings

    What is Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing?

    Tegaderm Superabsorber dressingabsorbs and retains wounds from moderate to high exudate, even under compression. It helps to prevent maceration of the wound edges and can work as both primary and secondary dressing. The sterile dressing acts as a barrier between the wound and external contaminants like bacteria and protects clothing and bandage from contamination.

    Tegaderm super absorber dressings super absorption and high exudate retention features elevate patients comfort with fewer disruptions.

    Tegaderm Dressing Highlights

    • Vertical wicking layer
    • Barrier backing
    • Comfortable and smooth contact layer
    • Highly absorbent core

    Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Features

    Tegaderm superabsorber dressingsare extremely effective at managing moderate to high exudate wounds. The following are its features:

    • Requires less frequent dressing changes being highly absorbent in nature; reduces cost and frequent dressing changes
    • Keeps the wound environment moist
    • Rapid Vertical wicking helps remove the exudate away from the skin surface
    • Elevates patients comfort

    Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Benefits

    Tegaderm superabsorber dressingprovides a protective backing that repels external fluids while catching all the wound exudate in its superabsorbent polymers. It prevents bandages and external clothes from getting contaminated. Its vertical wicking layer, through rapid wicking, traps exudate into its superabsorbent polymers without letting them leak.

    Tegaderm superabsorber dressingfeatures a super absorbent core that catches the exudate vertically, thus protecting the wound edges from maceration. Its superabsorbent sodium polyacrylate gelling polymers are effective in retaining exudate even under compression.

    Its conformable contact layer helps protect fragile tissues and elevates patients comfort. Its Porous polypropylene wound contact layer is specifically and thoughtfully designed for softness, comfort, and conformability.

    Suggested Applications of Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Benefits

    • Acts as a primary or secondary dressing for effective management of moderate to high exuding wounds with partial or full thickness
    • Venous leg ulcers
    • Diabetic or Neuropathic foot ulcers
    • Dehisced surgical wounds

    Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Shouldnt Be Applied On:

    • Dry or low exuding wounds
    • Eyes
    • Mucous membranes
    • Tendons or wound cavities
    • Persons with known sensitivity to the dressings

  • Tubifast Bandage Tubular Retention Dressings

    What is Tubifast Bandage?

    Tubifast bandage is a 2-way stretch bandage that is completely light-weight. It is used for dressing retention and covering skin on any part of the body. Tubifast bandages are worlds first and only elasticated tubular bandages till date that stretch two ways. These facilitate both radial and longitudinal stretch, making it a preferred choice of clinicians over the world.

    You can utilize Tubifast tubular bandage for patch wrapping as well as under-cast stockinette. It is relatively quick and offers greater ease of use without wearing out comparing to other tubular bandages.

    How Tubifast Bandage work?

    Tubifast bandage is made of viscose material with ultra-fine elastane threads woven into the fabric. The radial and longitudinal knitted threads impart its elasticity. Tubifast bandage holds the dressing securely without constricting or compressing the affected area. Its application doesnt require any pins or tapes.

    Tubigrip Bandages

    The unique stretch feature liberates the patient of complete freedom and movement of the affected part for comfort. This is perfect for use in joints where higher movement is required. It snugly fits over all wound types and limbs irrespective of the size and shape.

    What are the benefits of Tubifast Bandage?

    Tubifast bandages unique elasticity feature makes it a preferred choice of clinicians worldwide. It stretches radially and longitudinally without constricting or compressing the wound at all, making it easy and painless for the patient. The two way stretch feature allows patients the added benefit of movement and freedom of limbs and joints.

    Tubular bandages are available in a variety of size options that minimizes the waste thus making it cost-effective. It is quick and easy to apply by simply cutting it to the required size and stretching the dressing for optimum fit without any compression.

    Tubifast bandages are available in color-coded varieties each referring to its specific feature and use. This makes it easy to identify and refer. The multiple variants of tubular bandages fit from small limbs to adult trunks.

    It keeps the wound free of excess fiber as it has less fray. is the home of clinically preferred, surgical and healthcare supplies at cost-effective prices. Stock up your hospital inventory with the most reliable dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery and barrier creams.

  • Tubifast Bandage-For Skin Covering and Dressing Retention

    The Tubifast Bandage is light in weight and tubular in construction. The bandage is quite high-tech and does not fray on use. The dressings stay in place with the help of this bandage that holds and secures the dressings without constriction or compression. With an elasticated rayon fabric construction, the Tubifast bandages are ideal for skin covering and dressing retention. Wound-Care brings to you an array of Tubifast Bandages in different shapes and sizes.

    What is Tubifast Bandage?

    The Tubifast Bandages have an ability to hold all the dressings safely in place, without requiring tapes, pins, or tie to do the same. Ideal for dressing fixation and skin coverage, the tubular dressings can be used for patch wrapping and as under-cast stockinette. Different types of Tubifast Bandages available at Wound-Care are:

    1) Tubifast Bandage Red 3.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1-This Tubifast Bandage is red in colour and is available in Red 3.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1.
    2) Tubifast Bandage Green 5cm x 1m Pack Size 1-This is green in colour with dimension 5cm x 1m.
    3) Tubifast Bandage Green 5cm x 3m Pack Size 1-A green colour 5cm x 3m bandage, this is helpful in reducing pain and swelling.
    4) Tubifast Bandage Green 5cm x 5m Pack Size 1-5cm x 5m in dimension, this green tubifast bandage holds the dressings without any constriction.
    5) Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1-This blue bandage provides relief from minor soft tissue injuries and is 7.5cm x 1m.
    6) Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 3m Pack Size 1-The Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 3m provide constant support to the area it is applied.
    7) Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 5m Pack Size 1-This blue bandage is quite breathable and is 7.5cm x 5m in dimension.
    8) Tubifast Bandage Yellow 10.75 x 1m Pack Size 1-This 10.75 x 1m can provide relief from joint instability.
    9) Tubifast Bandage Yellow 10.75 x 3m Pack Size 1-This yellow tubifast bandage is 10.75 x 3m in dimension.
    10) Tubifast Bandage Yellow 10.75 x 5m Pack Size 1-Yellow in colour this 10.75 x 5m bandage provides exceptional coverage to the dressing on your wound.
    11) Tubifast Bandage Purple 20cm x 1m Pack Size 1-The Tubifast Bandage Purple is 20cm x 1m in dimension and offers great benefits.
    12) Tubifast Bandage Purple 20cm x 5m Pack Size 1-Available in purple colour, this 20cm x 5m bandage is made of elasticated viscose.
    13) Tubifast Bandages-This is elasticated with radial and longitudinal stretch. The bandage is available in various widths and sizes.

    Benefits of Tubifast Bandage

    A)The Dressings are easy to use in both wet or dry wrapping and dressing fixation
    B)Tubifast Bandages holds dressings securely, without constriction or compression
    c)The bandages give freedom of movement, aiding concordance and are comfortable to wear under nightwear as well as ordinary clothes
    D)The bandage damps the layer to keep the skin hydrated and moist and help reduce inflammation
    E)It has less fray so there is less risk of fibers in the wound and also help to prevent skin irritation

    Where not to use Tubifast Bandage?

    The bandages do not provide any cure to prevent injury or subluxations/dislocations

    Precautions to be taken before using Tubifast Bandage

    Wringing out the Tubifast Bandages before applying them to the skin is very essential
    Check out and get an opportunity to heal all wounds and abrasions in no time. A renowned name in health care management, Wound-Care is sure to deliver you with the best. With an extensive range of Tubifast Bandages available, we strive to provide you with the best facilities.

  • Wound-care-Providing you the best Healthcare Services


    Being a well-known name in the healthcare management world, we at Wound-care strive to provide you with a service level that is second to none. A leading online retailer for an array of medical dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery, etc. we stock the most comprehensive range of wound-care products. Browse our official website and check out the medical care products for your requirement.

    Few of them have been listed below:

    • Dressings

    At wound-care you can select from an extensive range of dressings. Right from hydrocolloid dressings to honey dressings, charcoal dressings, polyurethane foam, dressings and many more, we have all available at one place.

    Dressings are essential in healing various kinds of wounds. Be it infected wounds, non-infected wounds, highly exuding wounds, burns, abrasions, cuts, etc., we at wound-care ensure speedy recovery of all your major and minor wounds.
    It is crucial to look for a suitable dressing as the comprehensive range of dressings we stock, performs different functions depending on the type of wound it is applied to. The Mepitel Dressings are ideal for diabetic, arterial ulcers, etc. Similarly, Kaltostat Dressings are apt for both acute and chronic wounds.

    • Bandages

    Bandages makes life easier for one and all. It helps in supporting dressings or splints. This mandatory item in every first aid kit is available extensively at wound-care. Be it the Actico bandage or the basic Clinifast, Clinilite, or Easifix bandages , can help in providing relief from minor sprains, injuries etc. We also stock a range of Multi-layer compression bandages and Kits such as Profore and UrgoKtwo and tubular bandages such as Tubigrip and Tubifast
    Check out an eclectic range of bandages at wound-care.

    • Surgical Tapes

    When it comes to providing pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, surgical tapes come to the fore. Offering a comfortable grip to your wounds covered with bandages, these tapes make sure your skin does not suffer any maceration. You can use them to fix swabs, dressings, catheters, tube etc.

    Wound-care introduces a wide range of skin friendly surgical tapes. We have Mepitac, Mefix, Micropore, Omnifix, Scanpore to name a few. Most of them are easy to remove and provide utmost support to your dressings etc.

    • Compression Hoisery

    We need hosiery to reduce risks of ulcers, prevent the recurrence of thrombosis, and mostly to regularize the circulation of blood in the legs. These can come in a range of 10mmHg to 35mmHg.

    At wound-care we have compression hosiery in various sizes and colors as per your comfort. If Activa Class 1 Below Knee Stockings provide treatment of superficial and earlier varicose veins and varicosis during pregnancy, then Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Open Toe Stockings prevents you from leg ulcers, mild oedema and varicosis during pregnancy. We have for you the best-selling products at wound-care. Check our site for more details.

    When you have the best around why look for alternatives? With best reviews from our regular clients, we are here to guide you on every step. Connect with us at and procure all your wound-care requirements at one stop. Delivering globally, with the majority of order being dispatched within 1-2 working days , we accept Pounds, Euros, and Dollars too.We supply clinics and hospitals Worldwide - contact us for wholesale and export pricing. Choose Wound-care for choice and service !

  • Mepitel Dressing-An effective Wound Contact layer

    Mepitel Dressing is a low-adherent wound contact layer with an open mesh design that enables good transfer of exudate. The Mepitel Dressing has a Safetac technology that prevents the outer dressing from sticking to the wound. We at wound care provide you with a wide range of dressings and other health care products.


    Mepitel DressingsWhat are Mepitel Dressings?

    The Mepitel Dressing is non-absorbent and non-adherent dressing that contains apertures or pores approximately 1mm in diameter, allowing the passage of exudate into a secondary absorbent dressing. The dressing consists of a flexible polyamide net coated with soft silicone. The dressing prevents maceration and the silicone coating facilitates application and retention of the dressing to the peri-wound area. There are three kinds of Mepitel Dressings available at Wound Care. These are:

    1)Mepitel Dressings
    This Mepitel Dressing has an open mesh design and enable good transfer of exudate to a secondary dressing. You can easily inspect the wound as these are transparent dressings.

    2)Mepitel Film Dressings
    The Mepitel Film Dressing sticks to the body contours properly and protects the wound from microbial contamination.

    3)Mepitel One Dressings
    The Mepitel One Dressing is supposed to be used with an outer absorbent dressing. With perforated structure, it allows exudate to pass vertically into a secondary absorbent dressing. This is a one- sided wound contact layer.

    Benefits of Mepitel Dressings
    a) Safetac technology minimizes the trauma of the patient as it prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound.

    b) It does not leave residues and maintains functional qualities over time.

    c) The transparent nature of the dressing lets you instantly assess healing progress without removing the contact layer.

    d) This can cost-effectively be used in a wide variety of indications.

    e) The dressing can remain in place for up to 14 days

    Where to use Mepitel Dressings?
    Use it on Skin tears, skin abrasions, surgical incisions, second degree burns, blistering, lacerations, partial and full thickness grafts, and diabetic ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers.

    Where not to use Mepitel Dressings?
    No contra-indications to the use of Mepitel dressings are found.

    Precautions to be taken before using Mepitel Dressings
    a) Cover Mepitel dressing with a moist absorbent dressing pad when used on bleeding wounds, or wounds producing high viscosity exudate.

    b) The wound should be inspected for signs of infection, according to clinical practice.

    c) Consult a healthcare professional for the appropriate medical treatment.

    Visit our online portal to purchase the Mepitel Dressings and know more about different kinds of wounds and that minimize the risk of infection.

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