Wound Dressings: Every Wound Needs To be Treated Differently

Every wound should not be treated in a same way. The dressing that you opt for should be able to create an optimal healing condition for the wound. Therefore, you should select the right dressing for any wound. There are some factors that impact the selection of the wound dressing.

  • Amount of exudate
  • Number of healthy granule tissue (in percentage)
  • Risk of infection
  • Wound depth

Dressings are classified on the degree of occlusion and absorbency.

Absorptive Dressings

The absorptive dressings are recommended for the exuding wounds. So, the dressing should absorb the extra wound exudate and promote healing otherwise there is a risk of maceration of the surrounding skin.
You should pick either foam or hydrofibre dressings for exuding wounds. Wound Care offers you KerraMax Care and Aquacel Foam dressings that are highly effective in healing the wound with discharge.

1.KerraMax Care

It is a super absorbent dressing that helps in reducing exudate and matrix metalloproteinases. It works best for heavily exuding wounds, surgical incisions, skin ulcers, burns, abrasions, and other similar conditions. It is suitable to be used under compression bandages.

2. Aquacel Foam

A multi-layered dressing with a soft absorbent pad will help heal chronic and acute wounds. It has a hydrofibre layer that converts into a soft gel on touching the wound discharge or exudate and facilitate the healing process.

Occlusive Dressings
Occlusive dressing is recommended for a very dry wound as it will hydrate the wound to promote healing. A wound needs a moist healing environment to heal and this dressing helps prevent it from drying out.

Hydrogel Dressing like Aquaform Hydrogel Dressing is perfect for treating dry wound. Wound Care offers you this effective dressing that helps rehydrate dry or necrotic tissues and finally assisting autolytic debridement.

You can get a variety of wound dressings and bandages for different types of wounds at Wound Care. Dont forget to check out wound-care.co.uk for more details.

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