UrgoSorb Silver Dressings

What Are UrgoSorb Silver Dressings?

The alginate Silver Dressings are non-woven, sterile, and highly absorbent dressings, having antimicrobial properties and MRSA. It absorbs the exudate and pus from the wounds, which in turn leads the alginate to form a gel aiding autolytic debridement. Autolysis is the process that uses the bodys enzymes and moisture that rehydrates and soften the wound tissues. Whereas debridement liquefies only the necrotic tissue, it is a relatively painless process.

What Makes These Dressings Special?

The Urgosorb Silver dressings are made with calcium alginate fibres, hydrocolloid and contain silver particles which are gradually released after the alginate gel forms, to control and prevent infections, if any. The dressing has haemostatic properties, which makes it suitable for the treatment of moderately to heavily exuding wounds or infected areas.

These dressings prove to be effective barriers to penetration by micro-organisms.

What Wounds is the Urgosorb Silver Dressing Indicated For?

  1. It assists in containing and supporting minor bleeding from superficial wounds on the body.
  2. These dressings are indicated for use on moderate to heavily exuding wounds with the partially fully thick wound.
  3. The wounds it is suitable for include:
  • Post-surgical wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Leg ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Trauma wounds, such as dermal lesions, traumatic injuries, incisions, etc.
  • Graft or donor sites on the body
  • Cavity wounds
  • Superficial and partially thick burns
  1. The Urgosorb silver dressings can be used under simple compression bandages to hold in place and not let any exudate escape.
  2. These dressings are indicated to be used for external wounds only.

What Precautions to Take?

  • If used on dry or very less exudating wounds, there is a chance that the dressing may adhere. In that case, moisten it with a sterile saline solution before removing the dressing.
  • In the case of clinical infection, the silver ions do not help in replacing the need for systematic therapy or whatever adequate infection treatment is required.

Urgosorb Siver dressings are available in three different sizes as well as a Rope dressing for deep cavity wounds. Available for purchase from www.wound-care.co.uk

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