Things about the Biatain Silicone Dressing You Need To Know

What is the Biatain Silicone dressing?

Biatain Silicone is a foam dressing made with soft polyurethane and has a semi-permeable film with a silicone adhesive. The soft silicone contact layer of the dressing ensure secure fit to keep it in place and cause minimal pain upon removal.

Benefits of Biatain Silicone Dressings

Soft, flexible and comfortable
The flexible design of the dressing and smooth material ensure a close-hugging fit to the wound. The foam pad touching the skin is extremely comfortable to wear, even for compression therapy.

The silicone foam dressing is highly water resistant and impermeable to bacteria.

Super absorbent material
It absorbs and locks away excessively exuding moisture from the skin.

Perforated adhesive
The perforated silicone adhesive reduces the moisture in and around the wound, while providing a gentle and secure fit.

Precautions to take while using Biatain Silicone Dressings

  • The dressings are not to be used with oxidising solutions like hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.
  • The patient needs to ensure that any kind of evaporating solutions on the wound is completely dried off before dressing the wound.


Where to use Biatain Silicone Dressings?

  • It is suitable for treating of moderate to high exuding type of wounds including leg ulcers, ulcers formed with pressure, second-degree burns, post-operative wounds and skin abrasions.
  • It is effective for usage under compression therapy.

With all this information on the Biatain silicone dressings, you can now ensure that your wounds are treated suitably and dont get infected easily because of moisture or bacteria.
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