Tegaderm Dressing is a kind of dressing that is available in a variety of shapes and forms. It provides a sterile barrier against external contamination. It helps the patient stay active with its flexible application that allows for greater patient comfort. This dressing is transparent that allows for continuous visibility to the site.

What is Tegaderm Dressing?

Tegaderm Dressings are the kind of transparent dressings that act as a barrier to external contaminants and protects the I.V. Catheter site and wounds from getting infections. They stay securely on the skin and maintain a moist environment for quicker healing. These breathable healings protect the wounds against bacteria, viruses and other bodily fluids. The transparent build lets you have a constant look at the healing of your wound and catheter site.


Benefits of Tegaderm Dressings

  • Comfortable dressing that flexes with the skin for patient comfort
  • Comes in unique shapes and design for I.V. and wounds
  • Provides a sterile barrier from external contaminants
  • Holds catheters and other devices in place

Where to use the Tegaderm Dressings?

  • For covering and protecting I.V. Catheter sites
  • Can be put on chronic and acute wounds
  • On superficial partial-thickness burns
  • Stage I or II pressure ulcers
  • Can be used on Protected eyelid coverings

Where not to use the Tegaderm Dressings?

  • Do not apply to an area that is bleeding
  • Not to be on a dirty and residue-free wound
  • Not to be used by people with sensitive skin

Precautions to be taken while using Tegaderm Dressings

  • The dressing should be changed 10-15 days
  • Should not be used as a replacement for sutures


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