Primapore-Water Resistant and Adhesive Dressing

What Is Primapore?

Primapore is an adhesive, water-resistant dressing which comes with a fixative layer that has an absorbent pad. It is highly beneficial for post-operative saturated wounds and has a breathable non-woven top layer.

Primapore Dressings

Benefits of Primapore

  • This highly absorbent pad helps in minimizing strikethrough
  • Has a soft breathable cover
  • Quite efficient in preventing bacterial contamination
  • Application is quite easy
  • Rounded corners help in reducing risks associated with snagging and lifting
  • The pain is minimum when you have to remove the dressing
  • Can be easily applied in wound sites which are difficult to apply such as underarms and shoulders
  • Beneficial to both patients and users
  • It is a low energy adhesive
  • Dressing is comfortable. It also keeps the wounded site in the appropriate position and does not restrict the bodily movements

Primapore is available in the following forms:

  • Primapore Dressings 8.3cm x 6cm Pack Size 50
  • Primapore Dressings 10cm x 8cm Pack Size 20
  • Primapore Dressings 15cm x 8cm Pack Size 20
  • Primapore Dressings 20cm x 10cm Pack Size 20
  • Primapore Dressings 25cm x 10cm Pack Size 20
  • Primapore Dressings 30cm x 10cm Pack Size 20

Where to Use Primapore?

Primapore can be used in the following places:

  • Can be used in post-operative wounds, abrasions, punctures, lacerations and minor cuts
  • Efficiently used as secondary dressings over gels and ointments
  • A must to be used dressing in wound sites which are difficult to reach

This is all about the wound care dressing of light wounds. For elaborate and detailed information regarding the product, do not hesitate to visit the official site

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