Opsite Flexifix- Ideal Silicone Tapes for Patients with Fragile Skin

Opsite Flexifix are transparent surgical tapes which comprises of acrylic adhesive which reduces the chances of skin damage. The tapes conform to the body and makes for easy application. These are available on the official website of Wound Care- wound-care.co.uk.

Opsite Flexigrid Dressings Opsite Flexigrid Dressings

What are Opsite Flexifix?

This transparent roll with adhesive polyurethane film prevents moisture build-up, allowing the skin to breathe. The surgical tape provides safety against external fluid and bacteria. Wound Care brings to you 2 types of Opsite Flexifix tapes-Opsite Flexifix and Opsite Flexifix Gentle.

  • Opsite Flexifix- This surgical tape is a waterproof film and has a high moisture vapour permeability. This prevents unnecessary accumulation of fluid that can lead to bacterial formation.


  • Opsite Flexifix Gentle- This particular surgical tape is easy to remove and apply. Compromising of silicone gel, this transparent tape is bacteria proof and enables the dressing to be lifted and repositioned without losing adherent properties

Benefits of Opsite Flexifix

  • Retention of Dressings becomes easy
  • Highly suitable for patients with fragile skin as it contains silicone gel
  • Protects against external fluid and bacteria as it is waterproof
  • Treatment of painful peripheral neuropathy
  • Reduction of shearing forces on unbroken skin, e.g. in Pressure Sore Prophylaxis


Where to use Opsite Flexifix?

  • Helps in easy fixation of tubing
  • The attachment of Stoma Devices and Leg Bags becomes easy with this Opsite Flexifix tapes

Where not to use Opsite Flexifix?

  • Do not use on open wounds

Precautions to be taken before using Opsite Flexifix

  • The dressing should be changed daily
  • Care should be taken to avoid skin damage by repeated applications on patients with thin or fragile skin
  • Immuno-compromised patients and diabetic patients may require extra supervision


Get your hands on Opsite Flexifixalong with many other surgical tapes, bandages, wound dressings etc., that are available in plenty at wound-care.co.uk. Managing wounds becomes easy when you have access to a large selection of healthcare inventory by Wound Care.

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